this may look like the previous gifs, but the big difference here is this is running in gamemaker now

annnd it's already loading up the random weather! It did rain this time. @caribee is doing awesome

@mawr she's doing amazing gosh! Bee's only started the gameplay the last couple days, and the coding last week was pretty much just to start up the project and set all the art and all that stuff.

@SuperCee I just read "press any butt" and was totally OK with that

@AzureHusky we're working on it lol! it's coming. It's more than just my gifs now!

@LottieVixen @caribee thank you!! Very exciting to see anything moving in a build already

@SuperCee @caribee legitimately kinda want to cry this looks so good and cute

@AzureHusky @caribee awww i've cried about cute games so this makes me extremely happy :purple_sparkling_heart:

@SuperCee looking great! You're making great progress with Game Maker so quickly!

@LargoTK Thank you! i just did the art tho, @caribee is doing all the actual coding!

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