dangittttt i wanna play guild wars 2 again and be a big cow-cat lady

all other mmos (but shout outs to dark age of camelot) are cowards and make all the femme versions of beast races small and overly-human.

let me play as a big hulking lady beast, cowards

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@SuperCee Ugh god same. Warcraft in particular is super bad about it. Miss me with these green super models you call orcs. XD


@SangriaSnake was just talking about the wow stuff and that's what made me rant lol. It's so annoying. even the taurens who i love are So gendered in such typical ways and i hate it

@SuperCee Also wish they would stop designing their female villains like Bayonetta. Seriously they are all like 70% leg. Look I'm all for the whole "sexy sorceress" look on occasion, I mean it's kind my aesthetic. But you can't make ALL of them like that. XD

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