If your friend group is > 80% trans folks and you think you're cis...I might have news for you.

@SuperCee @imani *tags this 'I'm in this post and I don't like it'*

I don't have to worry if my friends were/thought they were cis when we met, right?

...even if like over half of them turned out to be trans?



@kithop no one can (or should) tell you what you are hun.

trans people seem to have a way of finding each other (even before they know it) is what i'll say. I know that happened for me and for a lot of people I've known/seen


@SuperCee I know! I'm being silly. ;)

I'm at the point where I'm kind of...ambivalent? about gender.

What does physical sex have to do with your personality, likes/dislikes, roles in society, etc.? (should be 'absolutely nothing')

If I hypothetically wanted to colour my hair or nails or wear 'pretty' clothes, that doesn't have to take away my masculinity.

Conversely, if I embraced femininity, those things don't have to define it, either, y'know?


@SuperCee I'm relatively happy with my body and its presentation. I wish I didn't have Crohn's. I could lose some weight. I'm seriously considering hair removal in places just because I'm sick of shaving e.g. my chest and underarms.

But I'm happy with what's in my pants. Is that enough? I dunno. I'm just kind of rolling with it.

re realtalk 

@kithop that's all totally valid! And good for you honestly.

(but just so you know genital dysphoria isn't a prerequisite! People can still be happy with what they have)

@kithop @SuperCee this is what we in the business call the Domino affect. It's an important part of the trans agenda.

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