omg capital G Gamers are complaining that choosing pronouns on top of gender is unrealistic in a children's game about catching magical monsters in a world that literally doesn't exist

i hate these people so much jfc

(ugh randos are boosting this now and showing up in my mentions

just for some specific context )

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@SuperCee do - do they know they can choose pronouns on top of gender in real life

@00dani honestly hun i don't think they know much of anything at all

@sammy @SuperCee it's a thing in temtem, which is an indie pokémon clone that recently released on steam and is being bombarded with negative reviews because you're allowed to choose they/them pronouns for your character

@00dani @SuperCee somebody guve me money ill buy 999999999999 copies

@sammy @SuperCee

Not Pokemon, but a new game called TemTem on Steam, which is a very good pokeclone.

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