Fur Affinity question 

hey anyone who uses FA, what's the meta on the gender selection? Is it like, not good to be using the "trans (female)" selection cuz the wording feels...bad on it? and i can't help but feel if i use it i attract the wrong kind of attention or something?

Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee oooh I want to know too 👀

I'm probably going to make an account there soon

re Fur Affinity question 

@yeenbean i keep noticing people seem to NOT assign any gender which feels weird? But also it makes me think there's a reason for it that i'm just not aware of

re Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee @yeenbean also interested in this.

re Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee folks are just rejecting gender these days I'm favor of really lewd furry porn

Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee I usually just straight up dont tag gender

re Fur Affinity question 

@cozykaffe i notice a lot of people don't even bother with it it seems? Okay maybe i really shouldn't be using that selection then


re Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee I only use it if a character is nonbinary cuz I wanna make it clear to like, not use pronouns other than they

Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee I used to put "trans (female)" for my characters, but these days I just put female. Not for any particular reason--I mean, you're probably right that it might avoid the wrong kind of attention, so there's that--but also I just don't feel that it's anyone else's business I guess?

Definitely use what you're comfortable with!

re Fur Affinity question 

@Lexi good points! I think if the wording was better i would maybe feel better about tagging myself as a trans woman but just "trans" is...weird i dunno. very cis people wording without any understand which makes me worried a bit? i'm probably over thinking tho 💦

re Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee This is coming from someone who overthinks everything, but...I think that's valid. :blobheartraccoon:

Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee considering they still keep "herm" in the listing i'm sure it doesn't even matter

re Fur Affinity question 

@budgiebin their terms are just ALL over the place and not really ever good

re Fur Affinity question 

@SuperCee species list is bad too. It's like the site itself has ADHD

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