the Forest Queen demands veggies 馃憫 馃惢 馃

Web 7 18 24

@SuperCee I LOVE her!!!!!! 馃惢 馃Ц 馃惢 馃Ц 馃惢 馃Ц 馃惢 馃Ц 馃憫 鉂

@hoppet please! She just wants a whole bunch of veggies as fast as possible or she's going to get bored and leave

@astraluma it feels like that's forever away but i hope you like it!

@SuperCee i'm trans, gay, and enjoy these "smaller" games. Imma love it.

@heyheather she just needs you to feed her when she wants it. she's a very nice queen

@SangriaSnake You'll have to get a really high score before she'll allow tummy rubs i think

@Nine she's a good queen and doesnt eat her subjects! she rules with warm fuzzy paw

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