ugh i'm ~drooling~ i need this so badly wtf

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@SuperCee oh my god, a retro nostalgia console that isn't just a table scraps compilation, what the fuck

@AndiBumble omg if you dont know Analogue stuff i highlyyy recommend checking out the other systems on their site cuz they are legit af. I've got a Mega SG and i /adore/ it so much omg

@SuperCee analogue stuff is real good, but the ridiculously short production runs on everything drives me up the wall. I want a pocket

@hexwren yeah gosh. I didnt get an NES or a SNES model in time, but i do have a Mega SG (and uhm i havea pocket preorder 💦 )

@SuperCee lucky! i woke up about fifteen minutes too late to get a pre-order, myself.

(I'd just have to swing by your place to try it out, then!)

@hexwren gosh it was such a messup. I dont think they've ever been /this/ popular before so they weren't prepared. Having something in your cart wasn't enough, you had to actually get all your credit card info in (which i'm sure isn't saved for anyone) and it was just a scramble

@hexwren so i had it in the cart, while filling in the credit card info it then /sold out/ omg. But a gf was able to get two preorders and whewwwwwwww 💦

@SuperCee I assume they're eventually going to have another run of orders that'll last long enough for people to get there. I literally was asleep at the time, because my schedule is always screwy.

@SuperCee I was so giddy when I saw the news about this!

@Kentaro i cant believe they're doing it and i cant believe how badly i need this despite knowing just how expensive turbo games are now and are only going to get pricier lol

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