keeping up with masto feels like this a lot of the time

forbidden club penguin comic, food, gross 

hey here's a comic i did cuz it was too good of an idea to NOT do. but there was no chance of this getting printed lol

so yes, i used to do the club penguin comics! hi. this is one of my favs


there are some comics i'm proud of cuz i still think they're funny and you dont really need much knowledge of the game for them

but then there's some that are like, just for the old-school players who remember weird things about the game

Also: a banned comic! I wanted to get this into the printed book but wasnt allowed but this is literally what i would keep seeing players do in the forest all the time lol

@SuperCee Love the little wing-touching in the final panel. ^_^;

@porsupah (lol i know that's like, a thing now but totally it was a reference to two of the artists who would make that gesture all the time and they were sweeties)

@SuperCee Oh man I remember that minigame! I never questioned the anvils at the time.

@dzamie totally one of those things you would never question in-game


@SuperCee i played CPen like way past me being their age demographic. flrjrk

i would dive back into my account every once in a while in like high school.

i even went on cprewritten after the orig site shut down to show my fiancé whar the game was like bc they never played it. dlfjfk

Oh come on! :blobcatfacepalm:

Anyway thanks for the comics! They were a pleasure to read.

@yuki oh thanks :purple_sparkling_heart: And yeah even if it was stuff kids were doing there was certain rp things kids would do that i wasnt allowed to make comics out of

@SuperCee holy shit did you work on these? i remember having a book with a bunch of these

@SuperCee Heeey, I can remember these last two very well, I liked em a lot, I used to read them with my brother. It's so weird having the artist of these on fedi :akko_listen:

very cool stuff. Thanks for creating part of my childhood

@dendy aw that’s cool! I’m glad you liked them. They were lots of fun to make

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