A fun thing about my bunny brain is that when people change their avatars it’s like an exciting new person with a familiar aura

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someone who’s been talking with me for a year: *changes their avatar*
Me: “oh gosh who’s this new person flirting with me oh gosh they feel comfy tho???”

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@RC not off the top of my head, vaguely-familiar new sonic character

@SuperCee who the fuck would like sonic anyway?! Utter trash of a franchise 😜

@RC how dare, I have a literal sonic statue

@SuperCee I know! I'm so scandalous! So against the grain!

You could say I'm a racy rebel?

@RC racy rebelllll *shakes a fist*

(look. Look. Not to blow up my spot but crushes are easier to remember so there)

@SuperCee if the subtoot was at me that was exactly what I was going for with my hashtag rebrand lol, thank you for validating that it worked 😌

@mitsumi I mean technically this is about so many people but yes 💦

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