popping that anime tape into the vcr

Web 5 13 25

(i decided we need a tv transition for princess farmer)

(fun story, i forgot that it was called a vcr and kept saying "vhs player" today lol)

and i figured i should do an eject transition for the end of an episode

@SuperCee @00dani haha, I was hoping for a TV series 馃槀馃摵

@hexwren it was so hard to find much examples of a crt turning on or a vcr playing on a crt tv omgg. poeple never make videos of the useful ui kinda stuff i always wanna reference

@SuperCee it's so weird, so many little things about how we interfaced with machinery back in the day aren't part of what gets remembered about them.

@SuperCee everything about princess farmer is cute and good

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