oh no what have I done? I'm really into this idea and may want to ditch everything immediately for it....

it's glitter day and the sun is fully out and my legs are fully shaved.

Have I mentioned lately how gorgeous this area is?

70s Todd Howard is greasy, sure, but you can see him looking around and thinking "I see that mountain. I wonder if I could go there?"

I still feel betrayed that this has existed and I had no idea. It's perfect.

pretty happy with how this end-of-demo celebration animation is turning out, ngl.

omg there are boss battles. this game is killing me it's perfect.

hey does anyone know Mr Nintendo and could you ask if it would be okay if we just straight-up remade panel de pon but with cute bunny magical girls as the characters instead?

this is just blowing my mind how perfect it is lol. Tetris Attack with Yoshi IS cute, but omg I love this and had no idea.

(also lol, the big animated character along the side of the board, a familiar pet for the main character, level art changing etc. So yeah, I guess I'm doing the right thing)

Like literally I was working on a graphic for our game with a big start with words overtop of it last night, and then I see this lol.

omg @caribee found these old sockdreams socks that didn't work for her but they actually fit perfect for me and I'm so excited!!!! She snuck these pics while I was making some breakfast (just legs in pic tho).

Open in case of needing a positive message today.

The deeper I get into the video the more I'm asking myself....was the dreamcast actually really bad?? have i been fooling myself this whole time?

can I really say the dreamcast is my fav when it has stuff like this on it?

Hey here's a level select screen mock-up I was working on. Totally placeholder stuff and just roughing out mostly the movements but hey.

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