Outfit selfies with no eye contact 

(i really loved the skirt omg. it was one of Bee's and she dug it out for me to try on and it was perfect!)

Outfit of the Day Selfie no eye contact 

boob pic (fully clothed tho!) 

(so basically, the super cute and nice ditz girls were the real heroes all along tbh)

hey this old bear lady i drew when i was first trying out pixel art is still pretty good

I went real aggressive with my leggings today and need people to see them

hi paula pell in wine country is the gay aunt i'm soooo hot for omg 💦 💦

i'm so happy this movie exists lol

Food pic 

Boob view 

finished these cat ladies! It was still too big of a canvas to even notice this was a pixel drawing lol. Oh well! It's nice to finish some old sketches! Pinups were always fun


i'veeeee decided to try a thicker ink technique but still keep it in aseprite/pixels and try to finish these cats!

hey it's an old drawing i did of ulala from space channel 5 as a lil toon cat!

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