@SangriaSnake thank you! :blobcat_mlem: I think so too. I don't know why i didn't try to get a desk into the UI before since it's something I would keep doing for so many of our game mockups for other ideas

@xenon @heytanuki aw you're sweet too gosh! and I need to somehow use that as a tagline lol

(i'm very excited to make a bunch of cute dorky stationary and desk stuff for this omg)

(my hair is extremely bouncy today)

god i love the rifftrax teen-agers series and i hope they do all of them. it's like a 1940s Saved By the Bell

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@lehlatte oh my gosh you're so good!! And i love this orc :purple_sparkling_heart:

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Huge mecha lady comes in fast and hot to punch a new beach into existence 

@minty_da god could you imagine if there were TWO fun games on steam?? The audience would lose its mind. review-bombed into the atari age

@minty_da woof and now there's receipts to pull up! Our throngs of fans will destroy each other -- oh wait I wanted to make mine NOT fun or enjoyable to play whew! narrowly avoided disaster

@fluxom_alt i hate this feeling and struggle with it toooo

@minty_da i don't understand any of this but you say 'cee" and "bee" and that's enough for me

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