wow watching retropals play sonic 1 on gamegear and i'm having a trip over how much i played this game and i totally forgot i love this game

re selfie but no eye contact 

@astraluma well hello~ :purple_sparkling_heart:

re selfie but no eye contact 

@rycuda oh gosh thank you hun 💦 that's super sweet of you

re selfie but no eye contact 

@chimerror oh gosh thank you! :blobhug:

re: selfie but no eye contact 

@packbat aw thank you hun! :bunhdheart:

re selfie but no eye contact 

@AzureHusky oh gosh thank you so much 😭

selfie but no eye contact 

hey i haven't felt up to posting a selfie in a long time but changed my mind today. here's a pic :purple_sparkling_heart:

hrt, needles 

got my glitter shot. late but hey who can keep track of days anymore

Being bare legged in short shorts feels like the absolute peak of lewd but I know its not

@squeak oh gosh steve you really got people riled up

re Lewds, :boost_ok: :flirts_ok: 

@jinxies you're amazing ngl 👀 💦 💦

Gay Mom boosted

Lewds, :boost_ok: :flirts_ok: 

Wishing you were here right now to cuddle with me~💞💋

i'm guessing this was supposed to be a big E3 reveal but EA games are back on steam suddenly huh

re lewd 

@popstar that makes it even better tbh

re lewdish flirt joke 

@jacethechicken a hen party! And it's all over my cheeks

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