re Outfit selfies with no eye contact 

re hung over 

@Sapphicgiraffic you're right, as i wait for people to do the same for me lol. Hey pretty lady!!

Outfit selfies with no eye contact 

@FutureLuddite god i would rent these tapes from blockbuster all the time and just rewatch all themusic video trailers they would put on all of them lol

⭐️Hi, I'm Roxy, and this is my game Shield Cat! It's about an otter who spins really fast! If you want to play a prototype build just like the one in the video FOR FREE, please click the link! You can also find out more about the game there on my main page

i...still have a weasyl account and the pw still saved so i can actually log into it lol

@Zeny @bunnyjane So like, 10 years ago, there was this series of hanna barbara dvds of just random saturday morning cartoons and i LOVE AND CHERISH these sets omg!! I lovvvve all these wild old shows from the 60s thru to the 80s lol

@RABlackpaws i was hoping for something older, but it would be nice to be able to practice it on my switch and shantae's on that.

The perfect wonder boy 3 remake from a couple years ago also lets you play as a girl the whole way through and that orginal game means SO much to me. So maybe that's a good one to really look into

re nintendo 

strongly considering Valis 3 cuz that game was so important to me growing up?? But also Wonder Boy 3 or even the first one maybe? (i'd like to find a game with girl characters tho!)

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