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@heytanuki omg that would be amazing yes. also i had to see my deadname today (tho it had MS in front of it which was a weird......thing to see)

the dentist used the wrong pronoun today so i bought myself Foregone on epic and im having a lot of fun with it. It's not really a metroidvania /or/ a roguelike? It seems more like a Castlevania-ite which i'm really enjoying

@starless @LilyVers i mean to be skirts go with like almost anything

@LilyVers omg they're so good. and a good pencil skirt that pushes my knees together all day is like, the-best-

@LilyVers i lovvvvve skirts omg. especially pencil skirts but i've also got a pink tulle skirt that's incredible and perfect! once i wore a skirt i was like "i'm never wearing pants again" tbh

re genitals, shitposty but true 

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