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@AzureHusky (I think now that I have this down I can bookmark it and go back to finishing off the docs for the farmer game lol.)

oh no what have I done? I'm really into this idea and may want to ditch everything immediately for it....

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On another note.

I make games and want to get somewhat of a living with them.

I work on games pretty constantly and aim for 2 (tiny) games (or one small one) a month.

You can support me Patreon and get some specials (like your name as a supporter on games, access to votes, games for free, that would usually not be free)

So if you can, please support me :3

Also games I made already:

@jaycie I loooove Sega and will buy this mini too but tbh I already have almost all these games on my switch lol.

@jaycie They just did a great genesis collection on the Switch that has a lot of those games and for a lot cheaper if that's worthy of a shot instead.

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@Roxxie_Riot Just shirts that say GAMERS on it and it's two mermaids kissing.

@Roxxie_Riot let's take back Gamer. I'm fully into being a gay mermaid who plays games tbh.

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oh my god I had no idea this show was coming and I'm exciteddddd. Bojack was great but I burnt out on the depression and can't watch it anymore.


I really love Baroness Von Sketch. Canadian women, 40s, some are gay. It's incredibly familiar lol. youtube.com/watch?v=PQPFvgY7F-

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i went and rebought Aseprite on itch so I don't have it tied to Steam anymore and cuz it's 15$ and I've used it for hundreds of hours by now.

when I try to make pixel animations that aren't limited colour palettes i just freeze and can't do it. I guess keeping track of all the colours (and shading) is enough that I just can't focus on animating at this point. It's so much, lol.

someone who looked very nice wanted to follow me but had the same name as my son and I'm so sorry but I can't handle that lol.

@oolongstains @LargoTK omg that explains why the GC one /looks/ like an n64 game. It has that total n64 texture to it that's great. Huh! Thank you

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