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Reasons to join mastodon:

1) i'm gay
2) you're gay
3) there's girls here
4) and those girls?
5) they're fucking gay

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yay the replay this week is for Legend of Mana. I love this show and love when they do jrpgs.

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me: y'know, i don't think i need to get Division 2. They dropped loot and the grind idea of stats and stuff and i'm not american and don't really care about all this US stuff in it.

Polygon: posts article about how it's an awesome exploration game actually, unlike the first one.

me: god dammit.

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i finally succumbed to the sleepiness and just crawled into the couch and slept for a couple hours. I want more but I need to stop.

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And this is still an alltime fav. With classics like
🎵 The government is gunna make you paaay~
It's a mafiaaaa~ 🎵
and ending with
🎵 fuck the government 🎵
over and over again

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i need to shave my legs this morning and then put the hair serum on but my spoons are still gone from yesterday.

Yesterday was a bad day but here were some sleeping cats from it at least.

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Props to big expensive games releasing with gay/nb characters from the jump, and mentioning them in bios (and not buried in comics somewhere out of game).

Coming in a year after the fact with "Actually that character was totally gay this whole time!" needs to stop happening. Gay from the jump from now on!

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when i submit refunds on steam i always apologize for it in the notes lol

okay so i looked up "lesbian boogie" and got told about a lesbian disco scene in "boogie woogie" but I think it's just with heather graham and she's not the main character? Alan Cumming and Gillian Anderson are in it too tho?

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