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Also, funnily enough, I realized after the fact that I had basically made the saturn game Baku Baku Animals lol. It was all about getting animals to their food source. Tho we had predators involved too.

I'm sad that I worked on a great puzzle game idea at a studio but they only gave me like three weeks for it and I did what I could and then it released and no one played it and now that great idea and name are gone and I can't use it for myself.

omg there's already protests planned to stop playing Anthem by their own players because of updates. What a nightmare.

(yay I can finally get into my Epic account! 9 days later lol)

i think AC Odyssey completely shattered what I expect from AAA games ie character choice tbh. It was so good at it and I want that from every game.

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I think I really am going to follow through on my idea to not buy/play any games where I can only be a man in them. I'm just done. I don't care about a game if I have to be a guy.

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my wife and i keep complaining about the lack of ladies and gayness in game choices and now we're looking at fatter cats and gay marriage packages in FFXIV and hmmmmmm. We may have to go back to FFXIV. The required public dungeons spooked us away.

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nurses were totally caught off guard that while we were in the hospital i never stopped holding the baby (except for when my recovering wife could), and I wouldn't let anyone take him out of the room without me. And we wouldn't put him down in the little crib/bin. He was always being held/carried. And I'm pretty sure I flashed teeth when someone would try to carry him and it wasn't my wife lol.

animal photos I always strongly relate to are mama bears holding their cubs lovingly but also looking at the camera like "i will end you if you get any closer". this is the energy I had the first....few years of our child? lol. still do really, but I'm not as obvious about it (maybe).

the worst part about being locked out of my Epic account for over a week with no idea if I'm ever getting it back is that this is taking so gd long, and I've spend 70$ in that store already and I better be getting my games back.

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This layout is still pretty valid. Did it up years ago. My problem with making a VN is that I personally don't like playing them. I can't deal with just two (usually unanimating) sprites standing around in front of a rotating background. I just can't sink my teeth into that.

So I keep wanting to do weirder layouts for a VN.

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