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@Doki oh yes! Splatoon! I didn't even think of that cuz it's just SO much fun to play. The idea of not playing in a team never occurred to me in that game. BUT those rounds are so fast and the area so tiny. The gameplay guides you, with the paint on hte ground.

Fortnite is fun! I haven't played it in months tho. But it was a really good time.

Apparently they spent a month playtesting the game with NO chat and I can't believe the amount of longterm legacy issues online games they've fixed? How on earth did it only take a month to realize this stuff when it's been decades for everyone else lol.

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fortnite got me playing online because it was all just goofy and nothing really mattered. Low stakes!

Apex Legends is getting me to play because they've set up enough tools to make playing with strangers painless, which is absolutely wild.

aaaaah just came in second on an apex match that was so cloooose omggg


browsed twitter and immediately got depressed lol. Oh well. That's on me I guess.

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This is monilaria moniliformis, and it’s a succulent that looks like little fuzzy bunnies.

I hope you’re having a nice afternoon! 💚

apex legends went and put in so many great no-talking systems like the ping system, but also you can toggle on a voice to text so even if someone is talking and you don't want to hear strangers, you'll see their text. It won't always make sense but it's great.

Super appreciating all teh ways they set this game up so you really didn't have to feel like talking in a team game.

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was in a squad in apex legends where we spent five plus minutes jumping off a tall building then ziplining back up and jumping back off again lol. The movement in this game feels so good.

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it's 'happy-cry over people's selfies' o'clock again.

it's going to end with both of us exhausted, strapped into corsets and ball gowns and big poofy wigs

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i wore a dress today, wife saw that and wore her OWN dress and then went and put on makeup and got all dolled up and now i had to go put makeup on too. It's a femme arms race.

speaking of mistakes, there are gamerbros mad that the only white male character in Apex Legends is literally a "toxic male" since he has poison powers.

Apex Legends is a v good game.

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