really? i just have to put this gel on every day and i'll turn into a goofy catgirl

Pet-play, multi-toot, non-lewd, after-story! 

The alarm rings softly next to you, and with bleary eyes you read the numbers you least want to see: 7:45am

A soft groan escapes your lips, and you grope around to turn the damn thing off.

Collecting yourself, you sweep over the bed to look for your pet, who is mysteriously absent, which is weird, because you swear you fell asleep with them last night.

That's a problem for awake you, so pushing it to the back of your head, you stumble over to the bathroom.

*buzzzzzz* the sound of your electric toothbrush does nothing for your headache, but it's waking you up at least.

home-alone, pet-play, multi-toot, non-lewd sort of? 


What a long night that was, you don't even remember falling asleep.

You stretch out and feel a blanket all over the floor around you, and looking around, you are most certainly not in your bed.

Right! You remember now, last night Miss made you a pillow fort and you slept there

Looking at the clock, you notice that it's nearly noon, which means Miss isn't even home right now - that means you weren't even home to say goodbye this morning!

This just won't do. You'll have to make it up to Miss before she gets home.

How much trouble would I get in if I made my first toot be "H-Hewwo owo"?

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