anprim? sounds like some Second Life thing

Me: I should try to take this low-poly model I did and make a fancier, less lo-fi one
Me, not much later: oh yeah now I remember why I work almost exclusively with low-poly

take me down to the qualia city where I've seen green and I understand pretty

What did the big marsupial turn into after a run-in with a vampire?
A fangaroo!

But think about what it will do to the nekonomy!!

"Oh no, the canon changed or was revealed to be different than I thought? That means I'll have to alter my fantasies to fit!!"

Is he strong? listen, blood,
he's got radioactive bud

What's the most citrusy word in the english language?
"Slimes," because there's a lime between the first and last letter!!

I had an idea for a character arc: the character starts out wearing armour that makes them strong, but over time they find THE POWER WITHIN or whatever and start taking off pieces of the armour as their own unhindered strength surpasses the benefits, until they just fight naked

in the furry world, beaning someone in the head can have a very different meaning

really improbable Rift Apart Lombax theory I came up with by accident 

She's an alternate Ratchet, and the reason she says "who?" in the trailer is because Clank just deadnamed her

It would be hilarious if someone dubbed over digimon so that the digimons only said their names, like it was pokemon, but everything else was the same

you see, because there is no mechanism to spend them faster than you acquire them

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