Gamer Facts: In "Shantae: Half-Genie Hero," the protagonist's mother is a genie.
In the Shantae spinoff "Half-Minute Hero," the protagonist's mother, likewise, is a minute.

So who's gonna be the hero that makes the world's first First Person Snooter game

here's a coolinary secret: did you know that if you cook ramen, in ramune, it's actually really bad

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You ever respond to something in a really stupid way because you thought it was in a chat room where that sort of thing is expected, but it was actually not that chat room?

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did you hear about the polycule that robbed a bank 

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Roald Dahl originally planned for a child called Marvin Prune to be included in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl submitted the excised chapter regarding Marvin Prune to The Horn Book Review in the early 1970s.[21] Rather than publish the chapter, Horn Book responded with a critical essay by novelist Eleanor Cameron, who criticised Dahl's worth as a human being.[22]

and I mean like crashing through buildings and making them collapse, not like "knock away the road cones"

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My boss gave me an old (assumed broken) computer they used to use at work and I couldn't get it to boot but I could pull the hdd and this company seriously called their point-of-sale software Real POS

Digimon Savers writers: There's only one of him, so his name will be Thoma

I broke my dominoes set in half so I could play monominoes

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once i got banned from a forum for making a long, heartfelt announcement that i was stepping down as moderator as my first post

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