I did laugh out loud a few times, which movies often fail to manage.
I give it maybe a 7.8 out of 10, but I'm a tough crowd when it comes to Invader Zim. (2/2)

My take on Enter The Florpus:
It captured a good Zim feel overall. It leaned a little much on the old "annoy the viewer and that's the joke" "joke" which the show executed better. I agree that the aesthetic was "a little too bright and sterile," but it was nice to look at. The best gags were concentrated toward the beginning. It has some nicely-animated sections, and then in places where it wasn't important, the framerate makes it clear that there was a tradeoff involved. (1/2)

Where did the tiny ghost go for beer? The local micro-BOOery!

Undertale before the FUN value was patched: No mods, no Gasters

Making a character and knowing a bunch of things about them, but having practically no idea what they look like, is a frustrating position to be in :static:

(from an RP I was running)
Player:"... um ... I'm ... a bit lost."
NPC: "Oh, dear! Well, this is the town of Killton. Don't mind the name, it's just named after our founder, Murderius Killton."

finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/G I saw the abbreviation for this and it made me think: game with typical big weird summon monsters and they're all your powerful girlfriends who help you out?

What was the ghost's favourite variable type?


secret reason 

Uh-oh, MarphitimusBlackimus can only make one more Half-Life Fact Files video!

Box art is disappointing these days. Give me some nice fox art

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"crush" is "shark" backward but you have to say it out loud

Can you BELIEVE they don't play E.V.O.: Search for Eden at E.V.O.? The nerve of these people

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