Don't let the spiderwebs
mess up your hair
Don't mind the piano playing
with no one there
The crumbling bookshelves
covered with dust
One or two headless bodies
what's all the fuss
The dreadful pounding
the screams and moans
It's just a typical
night at home

Hey someone cooler than me, make a hyena character who's a synth jazz musician called Yeen Hammer

it's a good thing nobody calls brothels creamatoriums because that could lead to some tragic confusion I made a procedural creature naming thing for a roguelike. The roguelike isn't past a super basic level generation prototype and a battle system that has yet to be transplanted in from a different prototype, but the name generator is fun on its own

do do do you can the do do
do you can the do do
do you can the do do do do do do do do

Would it be cool if something happened to your voice that made it sound like it was always coming through a radio

Not sure if you should call them "crisps" or "chips"? Be a pro like me and call them "chisps"!

Weekly Shonen Jump is the only WSJ that's REALLY worth your time

So it turns out a froyo is NOT when you take someone's afro and use it as a yo-yo. Which means I've been doing it WRONG all these years...

Cool trick: with enough cocoa powder, you can make a chocolate milkshake using vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate ice cream

The first time I saw a trailer for Benjamin Button, the way he pronounced his name made it sound like he was Benjamin Bunn (from Wilmington, whose buttons will not come undone), which frankly would have been a more interesting movie

A hybrid between a shark and a snake should be called a: Snark, or Shake? Both are extremely appealing

For real, how do you get a string length wrong like that? It's a built-in function or method; don't write your own!! But even if you do, it's not even hard in any decent programming or scripting language! You just count the characters!!!

If you have a space within the first 8 characters, the character counter breaks and it won't accept the password. You can have spaces after that, though. It didn't matter anyway, because it says my password is wrong when I try to log in. I know it's the right password, because when I tried to reset it, it complained about me giving it the same password that it was before. 👍

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