a digimon trainer is a program that a hacker tamer uses to edit their digimon

Penny is the diminutive form of Penjamin

What did the gazelle say when someone got mad that he kept jumping off the ground with all his legs at once?

It's just a pronk, bro!!!

One time, I described to someone the simple joy of rapidly picking and cancelling a character in a video game so that the announcer says their name a lot real fast.

He reacted like this was a completely outlandish concept! He looked almost disgusted!

Like... OK, Mr. sophisticated and refined taste in video game features... Whatever dude...

I tried drinking an IPA but it didn't taste very good. Maybe that's why it's only a couple bucks for a 16 oz bottle at the pharmacy and the instructions recommend using it for cleaning

Has anyone done a fanart where Spinel from Steven Universe and Spinal from Killer Instinct get mixed up

I keep forgetting which one is Fiona Apple and which one is Sharon Apple

The "Squeak squeak!" in the Kirby Squeak Squad theme is such a masterstroke

being a character creator is a terrible power... I could make this character's diet consist primarily of aluminium foil, if I wanted

One time I accidentally sent a STEAM friend request to someone with a similar name to the friend I was trying to add. They accepted. This was years ago and I don't think I've said anything to them ever

How many rabbits does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A BUNch!

It was a grave disappointment for me the day I learned about hitboxes, and how collision detection is rarely pixel-perfect in 2D, and basically never geometrically-perfect to what you see in 3D. Who else feels the same?

ombudsman: the guy who eats all the weed when the cops are coming

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