crazy theory: everyone on Earth is actually an extraterrestrial disguised as a human and they don't realise that everyone else is too

Well, open up your mind and see like me;
Open up your pants and, damn, you're free;

Did you know that cockroaches can be INCREDIBLY loud?? I heard one scratching a curtain/wall recently and I thought it had to be a rat or something big like that, to be making such a big ruckus, but nope!

You might be tempted to say "I've got it" is what he says, but you'd be wrong - he shouts "This year, Christmas will be OURS!"
However, for some reason, on the official soundtrack, he says "I've got it!" which is dumb because that's roughly what "eureka" means, and, what he says in the movie is something substantially more interesting and dramatic.

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delightful, or perhaps terrible, hypothetical stands/Jojo characters:
Nuclear Kangaroo
Bump of Chicken
Big Giant Circles
Furries In A Blender
Zurück Placenta
Chunky Nelson
Lemon Demon
Hot Dad

The "sweet ho" part I understand, but what's a "malabama"?

The thing that would suck about an orthographic camera is that you wouldn't be able to take a picture of anything bigger than the lens

They call me the wanderer
yeah, the wanderer
I go mrrow mrow mrow mrowm

BIG NEWS! Jean-Michel Jarre, synth musician extraordinaire, 4-time world record holder for largest concert (!!!!) is having a concert in VRChat THIS SUNDAY! AAAA

I keep thinking "I should run an Ask Blog," and then "oh wait no that's really hard"

Ratchet has a wrench. It's not a ratcheting wrench, but that is one kind of wrench.
New Lombax has a hammer. So maybe her name is a type of hammer that her hammer isn't! 8V

I am Oz, the really good and totally sucky

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