nsfw pun... from Finnish 

audio: "Send me your favourite wholesome and inspirational posts, and I will read them for you in a somewhat menacing tone... 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘧𝘶𝘯.

The history here is pretty unusual. This "Pepe-aweto" was never a real creature. However, "pepe" is the Maori word for moth/butterfly, and "aweto" is a type of cordyceps fungus which eats caterpillars. Before 1969 (this comic, a Plastic Man story from Police Comics #19, was written in 1943), fungi were formally considered to be plants!

I created a very worthwhile Noita mod that adds this spell

Circle of Slime

"What is your emergency?"
"Hard to say..."

Classic Finnish tongue twister: "Vesihiisi sihisi hississä"
= "Water spirit (/demon/goblin/troll) hissed in an elevator"

The creature is a vesihiisi character from an old animation:

(translation by Kennel from the Something Awful Forums)

This paper just casually citing papers from alternate timelines, nbd

-One day we had to stay inside the hotel.
-There was such a heavy rain.
-Water and hailstorm. One could barely see outside.

"Finnish tourists under a rain of feces!!"


Ulos = (to) Outside
Tuskin = Hardly/barely
Ulos tuskin näkyi = One could barely see outside.

Ulostus = Feces/excretion
-kin = Also/too
Ulostuskin näkyi = One could see feces too.

Translated from Finnish by Kennel on the Something Awful Forums

Try new free "audiosoitin"'

Audio = audio
Soitin = player

Audi = Audi
osoitin = pointer

Translation courtesy of "Kennel" on the Something Awful forums

uzumaki.tgchan.org/critters/ I made a procedural creature naming thing for a roguelike. The roguelike isn't past a super basic level generation prototype and a battle system that has yet to be transplanted in from a different prototype, but the name generator is fun on its own

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