A silly track from the secret level from Future Cop: LAPD. The game's subject matter may not have aged well... but I still think the multiplayer is fun!

from a Modesty Blaise comic (each strip is numbered, so you can probably find this one with a bit of research)

Panel 1
"How has your restaurant fared during the (COVID) limitations?" (All restaurants were take-away only until June 1st)
"It's been okay..."

Panel 2
"We have been selling out of window."

luukusta = out of window
luu-kusta = bone piss

But hey, there's more! In the first panel there is an 'easter egg' pun:

ravintolanne = your restaurant
ravinto-lanne = nutritional hip

translation from forums.somethingawful.com/show

"...salmonella has been found in Fingerpori's poultry farm chickens..."
"Burn those immediately!"

Kana = Chicken
Kanala = Poultry farm
Lakana = Bedsheet

Kanalakana = Poultry farm chicken/Chicken bedsheet
(translation by "Kennel" at forums.somethingawful.com/show )

nsfw pun... from Finnish 

"Jumala loi ensin miehen, sitten naisen."
"God first created a man, then woman."
"Nai sen miehen?"
"Married the man?"
"Minä tästä lähdenkin.
"I'll be leaving now."

nainen = woman, naisen = woman in accusative (target of action ie. creation)
nai sen = married it / alternatively fucked it

translation by Nenonen on the Something Awful forums

audio: "Send me your favourite wholesome and inspirational posts, and I will read them for you in a somewhat menacing tone... 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘧𝘶𝘯.

The history here is pretty unusual. This "Pepe-aweto" was never a real creature. However, "pepe" is the Maori word for moth/butterfly, and "aweto" is a type of cordyceps fungus which eats caterpillars. Before 1969 (this comic, a Plastic Man story from Police Comics #19, was written in 1943), fungi were formally considered to be plants!

I created a very worthwhile Noita mod that adds this spell

Circle of Slime

"What is your emergency?"
"Hard to say..."

Classic Finnish tongue twister: "Vesihiisi sihisi hississä"
= "Water spirit (/demon/goblin/troll) hissed in an elevator"

The creature is a vesihiisi character from an old animation:

(translation by Kennel from the Something Awful Forums)

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