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This sandwich is made to order, but it ISN'T made with bread.
When they open up this sandwich,
they're sucked inside instead,
to the most unpleasant place that's NEVER clean:
The magic restaurant of I.M. MEEEEEN

Only the Chamberlain and Scientist stand out strongly, voice performancewise, but the other performances are largely solid. It had some fun designs and of course some very impressive practical effects, which is a sizeable factor in my rating.
Overall I give it a 7.4/10.

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Dark Crystal series thoughts:
The movie is actually cooler visually, and not just for the time it was made. The cinematography and set designs are both better in the movie, IMO. There ARE some parts where the series looks better. It's certainly got a less subdued palette. There are places where the CGI is obvious, and places where it's hard to tell if it's CGI or not.
It's reasonably solid storywise.
The sound design is decent. (1/2)

Who was the skeleton's favourite 80's synthpop musician?

Howard BONES!

minor steven universe movie spoilers 

Steven Universe movie thoughts:
That first fight scene was the series' best yet, and the movie from then on is pretty OK. It felt close to a clip show episode, since it rehashes a lot of points that the series' viewers have seen before, with not much new ground covered in comparison. It does bring us to somewhere different from where the show left off, at least. I give it a 7/10, mostly carried by the fun-ness of the villain. Also wowie there's blood!

if you can't beat the DEET, get out of the kitchen

it's fun to slap pool noodles on water just right to make it really LOUD!

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@pig call that ass snorlax because it's massive and requires music to get it moving

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Bird furries be like squawk-dallah we are off

I did laugh out loud a few times, which movies often fail to manage.
I give it maybe a 7.8 out of 10, but I'm a tough crowd when it comes to Invader Zim. (2/2)

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My take on Enter The Florpus:
It captured a good Zim feel overall. It leaned a little much on the old "annoy the viewer and that's the joke" "joke" which the show executed better. I agree that the aesthetic was "a little too bright and sterile," but it was nice to look at. The best gags were concentrated toward the beginning. It has some nicely-animated sections, and then in places where it wasn't important, the framerate makes it clear that there was a tradeoff involved. (1/2)

Where did the tiny ghost go for beer? The local micro-BOOery!

Undertale before the FUN value was patched: No mods, no Gasters

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