@julialuna hey can I get in contact with you in some way? Sent you an email but not sure you got it

neopronouns are dope

all my friends love neopronouns

this post by, inclusive gang

gay psa 

PSA: im,, gay,,,,, girl,s, *blushes and cuddles shork*

Hey if you're reading this then you shouldn't follow me cuz tv told me reverse psychology works every time and tv always portrays real life completely accurately and never lies.

Also nya

Blahaj post, possible minor automatonophobia 

Pros to personifying Blahaj:
+10 to comfort
Increased irl social interaction
Nice to talk to
Great listener

Cons to personifying Blahaj:
Weird fear that Blahaj is gonna suddenly say something back or cry out when picked up badly
Started talking to other inanimate objects...have apologized to walls 3 times today for bumping something against them
Blahaj eyes stare into your soul
Feel guilty when leaving blahaj alone

I wonder, if humans had tails, what kind of social conventions there would be around wagging your tail.

Gay af, very slightly lewd 

Fell asleep on girlfriend's chest while cuddling with my blahaj as she played with my hair and watched South Park...titties comfy...blahaj soft...girl warm...me gay

selfie ec ๐Ÿฆˆ 

i'm radically soft and ready to be gay do crime

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blahaj cuddles when waking up make facing the day better...
hmm I should probably also do stuff today

Can we all take a moment and just appreciate how amazing nonbinary people are

Venting, sadder 

Blahaj doesn't get upset with me for crying in front of them..or for crying on them. Blahaj supportive...

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Blahaj always there for me..even when sad blahaj gives comfort and doesn't judge...

Glassdoor.com is not your friend! 

What follows is a link to a Reddit post in which a person talks about how Glassdoor.com's practices favor businesses over workers (no shock there).

They then go on to talk about how they suspended them for leaving a detailed negative review against their horrible ex-companyโ€ฆ 2 months after it was posted. It had previously 6 "helpful" votes.


Poll it's unlikely anyone will actually see:
Continue to talk to Blahaj(explain life, say where I'm going when I leave them alone, talk to them about random stuff) like Blahaj can understand?

Twitter has finally listened and removed their most harmful feature. Thatโ€™s right! No more posting

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