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ever notice how it's ALWAYS a sanctimonious white guy asking people under direct threat of violence to 'just behave more peacefully,' like that's going to make people whose first response is coercive force spontaneously develop compassion for people they profit from harming

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Got this for $1 at the library sale. Now I just need to get it into the house.

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FF14 has fulfilled my fantasies of being a cute dragon girl
Now gonna grind to be a cute catgirl :3

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was vacuum cleaning the apartment and while being bored found out that apparently my voice can pretty easily reach F#2, which is close to the average pitch of the scary intro in Black No1

not sure what to do with that information but i guess thats pretty cool

Wish i had a vr set for vrchat i really wanma get in ot

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Beg post. Need food. Please boost. 

I can't keep making beg post like this but i don't know else to do. My mom doesn't feed me and i have no money for food. go starving and I'm underweight. Anything helps. And if you need to donate another way let me know. Thank you :boost_ok:$LunaCampbell

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I designed a shark pride flag!

Some thoughts I have on meaning for each color: he blue (sampled from a photo of a blahaj) represents community and supporting each other, the gray (pantone color "Shark") represents how cool and great being a shark is, and the pink (a shade I thought looked good next to that blue and gray) represents strength of body and spirit.

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euphoria +++ 

im actually fucking beautiful today. gorgeous. my hair looks amazing and my eyes are so pretty. i feel so powerful
i wish i looked like this Every day

Man im lucky my boyfriend is such a gee and he makes me so happy 🥺🥺🥺

Cuddle puddle is the mostest cutest word ever

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time to replay deltarune ch 1 and then finally play ch 2

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Getting ondisability in the US question 

Anyone know how to get a disability lawyer. Maybe one specifically for mental health. I applied for disability and I got denied. :boost_ok:

question why does everyone boost more rather than favourite posts?

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