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urgent UK trans healthcare notice (Charing Cross waiting list) 🚨​:boost_requested: 


"Multiple reports have emerged in trans support groups of people being contacted by the Charing Cross GIC, and told that they will be removed from the waiting list unless they fill out a form within 72 hours. The form is one they filled out when they were first referred. The protocol appears to be two phone calls and then an email, but some people have reported receiving no calls, or the phone ringing for only a few seconds before the caller hangs up. This appears to be affecting people referred in 2018."

"If you’re on the Charing Cross waiting list and have missed calls from them, it might be sensible to get in contact to check they haven’t removed you."

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This is the silly emulator project I did last night for Facet's stream. It just watches a specific byte in RAM that (kind of) indicates combat state and changes the overlay image on the left just like the unit frames in the game UI change.

It's not much, but it represents a conflux of weird skills I've picked up that intersect in an odd way :P

and it's cute.


furry sex toy joke 

I've been sorting my canine dildos by how easy it is to take the whole thing

The scale goes from 'not a problem' to 'knot a problem'

us pol, general, negative 

america is such a horrifyingly sickening cruel place. a place where lives can be ruined before they have a chance to begin and they call it freedom

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your irregular reminder that using "egg" to refer to anyone but yourself/selves, as in this person has this trans/queer/nd identity but doesn't know it yet, fundamentally undermines identity as something that only an individual(s) has authority over.

you're literally diagnosing someone as having this identity. and that's the same shit gatekeepers and essentialists (like terfs & truscum) do. for the love heck just fucking stop and let people explore and figure out their own self/selves.

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PSA: the new 988 mental health crisis hotline in the US is NOT confidential and may result in police being sent to you through the same location tracing system that 911 already uses

if you want to use an anonymous crisis hotline, look at other resources listed in this article


(author’s twitter thread twitter.com/theadhdacademic/st )

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@shyra having a miscommunication about what kind of get together this was, but I think we can still work things out :3

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Having a Siivagunner rip of a game I made means I've definitely made it as a game dev:


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july is disability pride month

send money to disabled people

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animated pixel art of my dergy 

I get more powerful when I drink coffee

(by Fluttersprite on Birdsite!)


it gave me 7 of the latter type in a goddamn row. I'm not here for that.

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my twitter timeline is about 1/3 the posts and retweets of people i follow and the rest is stuff that twitter decided to show me based on its own whims. that site is the worst

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Bijoux, a 20 years old cameroonian trans woman, needs funds to be able to escape her country where she could be sentenced up to 5 years in prison for "homosexuality", she’s 7000€ away from her goal, consider sharing and helping out if you can: gofundme.com/f/solidarit-secou

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funeral fundraiser for a friend's mom, moneybeg, please boost 

a very sweet and lovely friend of many years, chaz, has had the really gutting tragedy of losing their remaining parent this year. they're really struggling.

being disabled and obviously grieving in addition to suddenly being the sole handler of household things has shaken them deeply and the financial situation is dire. please consider helping them out.

they're struggling to get a gfm started (probably due to being in scotland?) but have a kofi that works


please, please. give generously.... this little being has given me such joy in life. i just want them to be okay.

boosts very welcome.

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apparently there's a general strike planned for next week in response to the supreme court bullshit mothersdaystrike.com/volunteer

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Middle East, politics, please boost I guess? 

I was today years old when I learnt that the region of Rojava in Northern Syria is, and continues to be, a functioning de facto state ran on anarchist, socialist and feminist principles, w/ direct democracy, w/ prisons p. much unused other than for ISIL terrorists, w/ the governing coalition enjoying popular support.

Why media don't mention an actually functioning anarchist political structure of such size is a "mystery", of course. So mysterious.

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