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THE US GOVERNMENT is currently passing a bill that literally LIMITS OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH on the internet. A violation of our first amendment rights. No one has heard about this bc our gov. is keeping it quiet from the mass media so it can just get passed!!!

we have the right to VOTE ON IT, but we can’t do that unless everyone knows about it.

if you have a link with more info. please share & stay aware

link to the twitter thread I got this info from: mobile.twitter.com/azariarusse

you can message your representative to vote no on the bill under the ‘take action’ button at the bottom of this: eff.org/deeplinks/2020/06/join

a petition against it: actionnetwork.org/petitions/do

another petition: act.eff.org/action/protect-our

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a reminder for all the white activists, shook that the president is mobilizing the military against US citizens "for the first time since..." (some crusty old number)

Standing Rock, 2016
The botched Hurricane Katrina "relief", 2014
Rodney King Riots, 1992
Wounded Knee Incident, 1973
Kent State, 1970
Newark Riots, 1967
Little Rock Nine, 1953
Japanese Internment, 1942
Tulsa Massacre, 1921

there's a lot i didn't include but you get it, right? right. this isnt NEW. this has BEEN HAPPENING. this is the context and lens with which you need to adjust your sights. spare everyone your shock and disbelief because this has been happening behind since your whites arrived on this continent.

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if you're feeling like this isn't worth it, or afraid there's no point, or that riots don't work

here's a Minneapolis councilman saying that the council is looking into how to entirely disbanded their police force and replace it with something entirely different


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if you are a Black artist on fedi like this post and I will go on your feed and boost your shit. my following isn't massive but i can do a little at least

if you're not a Black artist, don't like this post, please only boost it

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i know things are starting to happen in the UK again. please remember that a lot of police forces work with the DWP and will pass on information about disabled activists attending protests and demonstrations. the DWP can and will use attending protests as "evidence" that you shouldn't be receiving disability benefits.

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RT @itskindred
NYPD is tiring. Listening to police scanners last night proved as much. Their frantic, exasperated voices showed that have the equipment, but not the stamina. If you're going out to demonstrate, keep from getting boxed in and dispersed. Make them get their cardio workout in.

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[Seattle Area] We are under martial law, state won't admit it :boost_ok: 

* The office of administrative hearings - "the law" - is closed for business. No hearings are happening.

* The "National Guard" deployed downtown is the 81st striker combat brigade team (7th infantry division of the military) from Fort Lewis.

(Source on the above: An activist education lawyer with a lot of cop friends)

* Twitter is being censored. Protest notifications and related outrage are being silenced.

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Two recently completed lineless icons for donors on Twitter! Pretentiousowls & straypuppie ! I have raised over 43$ in direct donations and ko-fi contributions, if 200$ donate for my icons I'll dip into my savings and match it.

Reply with proof of donation or send $15+ to my ko-fi for your own! ko-fi.com/punkpooch

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ideally if any poc creators have ideas for this i can build designs/models from those and credit them, so it isn't just "i'm white and i ran the BLM logo through a laser cutter" or something

i'll do the heavy work on this, but i want to amplify poc voices if i can

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Where is the love shown to black trans women who don't even get a fraction of the monetary or emotional support or even fucking visibility on here?

Janet Mock is the most visible black trans women right now, facing a sum of transphobia, antiblackness, and misogyny and I have never seen a single person talk about her.

But god forbid somebody not like the Wachowski sisters.

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Where is the support for the homeless black queers? That majority of homeless queer youth are black and brown?

Where is the support for black gay and bisexual men who represent the majority of people living with HIV and AIDS?

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stonewall was a riot, poc showed up for us, we should be showing up for them

this shit's too big, neither of us should have to do it alone

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If you are outside PA and do not have a PA area code: PHILLY NEEDS YOUR HELP

Flood 215-776-1261 with inane pointless calls and texts. Make it unusable. This phone number belongs to a tear-gassing PPD officer who is trying to avoid accountability by using his cell phone instead of radio to communicate (where we can track police activity)

Do not use leftist symbols that would indicate his number was leaked

Force the PPD back onto radio so we can track them. Harass this ass.

RUIN 215-776-1261

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Fediverse Apps / fascists 

Tusky: Good app for accessing mastodon and pleroma. Explicitly anti-nazi, blocks connecting to fascist instances.

FreeTusky/Husky: Almost identical except fash can use it because they explicitly forked the project to remove the blocks. Literally forked from Tusky for fascists and the like.

Sorry, just an idea here, but maybe don't use the one primarily known for allowing fascists to connect to their instances? With its very short development history linked to defending fascist platforms in the name of "free speech"?


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disrespecting curfew 

Why the fuck would you respect curfew as a protestor? Stand with the black community, don't just leave them when the pigs, their assailants, tell you to. :acab:

Don't listen to the cops, listen to the black community leaders.

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Protest resource, please boost 

Do No Harm Coalition is hosting an online street medic bridge training on Wednesday. If you're a medical professional who wants the tools needed to help with what's going on sign up, if not share it for those who are


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