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drawn eye contact 

I should be asleep but instead I made this

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subtoot, + 

this is a joke and i see nobody saying bad things about my friend karma the kobold flusterer

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subtoot, + 

why do people keep saying karma's a bitch? i think she's really nice

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regular reminder that wireless charging is ultra-ineffecient useless garbage that exists for no reason other than to add another feature to phones so people will buy them

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asking for help, housing, please boost 

Hi, firstly we're an ADHD disabled white trans plural system in Baltimore county MD. We have a cat and are stuck under our abusive parents.

We need someone to take us in because we can't really get out any other way, we can't drive or work. Living here has been extremely detrimental to our mental health, and we really needed out a long time ago.
It's rough rn but if you can have us please, heck even if you need another person to drive us there.

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buckeye speed bash 

zi really wish zy hardware didn't suck so zi could've done a run this year

also no pandemic as hanging out with folks would've been nice...

but we're live with a bunch of various games, some good some bad but all entertaining


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language PSA ("simp"), New York Times link 


"In the early 2010s, [simp], still used with some regularity by rappers, was seized upon by members of the nascent “manosphere,” the world of men’s rights activism."

"The word [simp] expresses discomfort with equality when it comes to gender, and offers a simple way to dismiss the people causing that discomfort."

If you're still comfortable using "simp" after learning this, I'm not comfortable around you.

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A guide to content warning abbreviations 

Some of the abbreviations used for content warnings aren't obvious so I decided to make a guide. Feel free to add if I missed anything!

cw: content warning
mh: mental health
ph: physical health
-: negative
~: neutral
+: positive
?: uncertain
pol: politics
ment: mention
adj: adjacent
pers: personal
ec: eye contact

I try to avoid using emoji in content warnings for the sake of those with screen readers, but whether or not you do is ultimately up to you.

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important info for western washington residents 

according to the washington emergency management department, the smoke from california and oregon is coming our way. you have today to prepare. it will likely be worse than earlier this week. if you need supplies, get them today.

have something to filter air if you can - cloth masks won't help much, get a home air filter and strap it to a box fan and keep that running in an enclosed area.

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Here's a drawing of Maffi by twitter.com/luvporbol of her wearing suction boots from Chip's Challenge

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draw over of a screenshot from vrchat w/ @karma in which kobold (me) still cant use the selfie cam right but it doesnt matter cuz its cute anyways

oversensitive whining, plushie death 

it shouldn't be that i'm oversensitive and therefor bad for caring

one of my worst memories relating to this stuff is the time my parents bought cute little bear candles they intended to light on xmas. they were around for a while so i got used to them and didn't want to see them harmed. when I said that, my father took pleasure in describing them melting in gory detail. i cried. apparently that was my fault for being too sensitive

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