always looking to commission artists, esp ones i dont have to get tw*tter to contact

notif on here reminded me not to be dead... yea i still draw

someone turned one of my designs into a boy and blocked me when i said its against my rules (and extremely dysphoria inducing) so now im being incredibly loud and obnoxious about Only Designing Girls.

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*redesigning every oc ive ever owned into a girl* theyre useful again this way

im very depressed im sorry ill try to post when im not very depressed


i dont want time to keep passing anymore im tired of it i cant understand anyone at all because the world keeps moving on without me and making new words i cant understand and changing the way socializing works and introducing new scary concepts and my inner clock has been smashed to bits since 2009 so i know in my heart the longer i keep going the more alien ill feel

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i doodled this after getting out of the hospital last night

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im off to bed ⭐ one of these days i will conquer both my art block and constant fear of posting anything on the internet and ill actually post stuff i just drew instead of a while after

silly rambles you can ignore 

my dream is to be a cute girl who has lots of friends and gets headpats and to be thought of as soft and cute and small by everyone

no wonder ive been basically driven off social media...?

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meds stuff 

dont know if i ttook my nighttime meds but maybe its safer to accidentally skip them than to accidentally take them twice

not sure how to get started... i havent been on social media in a very long time

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