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splatoon 3 splatfest trash talk 

grub likers and fun likers who bring weapons to the battlefield are hypocrites

on hyperfixating & diabetes, cont. 

it usually also means i completely miss the early signs of a low while im hyperfocused, so i suddenly become aware of Everything when im low enough that it's messing with my cognitive function and i physically cannot focus anymore.

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on hyperfixating & diabetes 

hyperfixating until your blood sugar drops (as a neurodivergent diabetic) is such a unique thing and its bonkers.

i have "lowbrain" where im sleepy, unfocused, incapable of thinking about most things without getting a headache. but i also cannot stop thinking about whatever im hyperfixating on.

it usually just means theres a small group of thoughts on loop in my brain while i lay on the couch eating sugar, not actually Thinking about anything.

i love reading fanfic with amazingly accurate depictions of autistic characters where the first chapter has an author's note like "im not autistic so pls tell me if anything is wrong!!!" and the latest chapter has a note that says "so, i was just diagnosed with autism."

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The excellent free open source video editing software Kdenlive made by @kde now has a Fediverse account, you can follow at:

➡️ @kdenlive

Kdenlive is available for Linux, Mac and Windows from kdenlive.org

If you're sick of permanently renting Adobe's "creative cloud" just to access Premiere, maybe give Kdenlive a go instead?

#KdenLive #KDE #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #VideoEditing #Videos #Productivity #Office #Film #AdobePremiere #Adobe #Alternatives #NLE #Video

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artists: do you prefer to draw your 3/4 faces facing left or right? and are you left or right handed? (sorry ambis, i only get four poll options. feel free to comment)

two of my most beloved npcs, brian & sally delphi! they're on their way to a shrine to pray in their mountain city, myrmidicus.

brian is a prophet and works at the orphanage sally lived in. he was a pirate but was resurrected into a robot body.

sally is a babaylan, a descendant of the healer god bathala. she's a nonspeaking autistic and uses sign & a magical spelling amulet to communicate!

things i've gotten emotional about this week:
- "when love is true" from the count of monte cristo musical
- daydreaming to my playlist dedicated to one of my most beloved dnd npcs
- my mlp au antagonist being trans but only realizing it after they're shown love and forgiveness by the protags
im just a sucker for good character development it seems.

there's not even a test range in the demo until the splatfest starts... what was even the point of letting everyone play early when we can't Play :(

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The "he or she" and "his or her" language of the employment contract means that I am not liable for anything and that I don't actually have to do any real work at all tbh

splatoon 3 and the Shiver Debate, transphobia 

also the people complaining how "hypocritical" it is to respect trans ppls genders irl but not respect... the gender of a fictional character whos canonically cis? its so funny.

the folks replying to the announcements with "oh no! anyway-" and pics of shiver with a nonbinary flag are braver than any marine

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splatoon 3 and the Shiver Debate, transphobia 

to get it outta the way, my personal take: shiver is a femme enby who uses she/they.

transphobes are crying about people headcanoning shiver as nonbinary even after her "official" gender was revealed. as if headcanons have never been a thing before now and as if fem/masc-aligned enbies don't exist.

i stopped looking at any posts that talk about their official gender bc the comments are always just a bunch of transphobic nonsense.

filipino mythology 

watching some "um, actually" videos on youtube and stumbled across the mythology episode, only to get annoyed at their only question with filipino folklore.

they show a drawing (see below) with the caption "alan," which IS a monster from the tinguian tribe that has wings. however it's literally a cropped version of the wikipedia photo for the manananggal.

alan can't separate their body in half, that's very famously a manananggal thing!!! how did they get this wrong. gahhh

is anyone else using on ubuntu 22.04 having problems with a "krita not responding" dialogue popping up every 3 minutes despite krita running fine and nothing wrong in the logs? bc its been happening on krita 5.0.6 and 5.1 for me and its. annoying

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So, I read today that #CSP is fucking over their user base by implementing a subscription based license, paid updates and joining meta.

I'm really sorry for all CSP users. I use #Krita for all my works and I already saw some comments of people wanting to switch. I love Krita but it's no drop in replacement for CSP. There are still things Krita can't do or is bad at (looking at you, text tool). At least it doesn't cost you anny money to try it out because it's FOSS.


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audio processing disorder shenanigans 

logically, i know that the correct line in "hell to your doorstep" from the monte cristo musical is "sleepless nights and days of damnation"

however, i have audio processing issues, so MY version of the lyric is "smeepblorp smite and days of damnation"

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