bad minecraft mod idea 

- you get random allergies per world. here are some lovely examples
- every day, if you're not in a snowy or desert biome, you have a chance to get slowness & mining fatigue
- bee stings give you more poison and you might just. die without warning when stung
- some foods might not be able to be eaten. rolled a gluten allergy? gotta eat something else besides bread!
- given the amount of mods out there, i'd be surprised if this isn't a thing already

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bad minecraft mod idea 

@ajknox oh you can eat the bread but it does a bunch of damage to you
at least that's my experience lol

bad minecraft mod idea 

@ajknox I was just joking with my girlfriend about a gluten intolerance mod the other day

bad minecraft mod idea 

@RadiantEmber @ajknox Additional features:
- you can't see the allergies in your stats, you will only know that you have an allergy after it affected you
- you can craft epinephrin injectors, but it requires three diamons per injector

bad minecraft mod idea 

@snailerotica @ajknox oh this is p good tbh

honestly actually a pretty fun modifier to the point that I'm. not sure it'd qualify for my collection of horrors ideas because unlike mine, this one isnt actively hostile to the player

bad minecraft mod idea 

You have to find out what kind of flower/tree/plant is giving you hay fever.
Storing the items in inventories is not enough you have to delete the items or store them some where a few blocks away.
Sneezing and tearing eyes as screen shake and blur.

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