splatoon 3 and the Shiver Debate, transphobia 

to get it outta the way, my personal take: shiver is a femme enby who uses she/they.

transphobes are crying about people headcanoning shiver as nonbinary even after her "official" gender was revealed. as if headcanons have never been a thing before now and as if fem/masc-aligned enbies don't exist.

i stopped looking at any posts that talk about their official gender bc the comments are always just a bunch of transphobic nonsense.

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splatoon 3 and the Shiver Debate, transphobia 

also the people complaining how "hypocritical" it is to respect trans ppls genders irl but not respect... the gender of a fictional character whos canonically cis? its so funny.

the folks replying to the announcements with "oh no! anyway-" and pics of shiver with a nonbinary flag are braver than any marine

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