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me: pffft, i don't have a special interest. i have a completely normal, healthy, non-intrusive interest in this show.
also me: creating a hundred pony OCs, writing a detailed timeline of my nextgen au, drawing an entire apple family tree

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some nextgen doodles i did to nudge myself outta art block. autumn glory, crystal aurora, and gyro compass! can you guess who each of their parents are?

see all my pony art here if you'd like:

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Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out HOW to write accessible alt text for your comic? Veronica Lewis wrote this really good guide on doing just that that I apply to my website and how I describe panels! #ComicsA11y

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I just stared at a screen for 7+ hours straight to finish this but I am really happy with how it came out! This is my character, named "Ruse," for the next campaign I'm in!

#MastoArt #art #dnd #oc

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ramblings abt art block 

apologies for the lack of art here. i've been in a weird brainfunk where nothing i sketch is "good enough" to line & render. not even art of character's i've had and/or loved for ages.

i think it's a combination of real-life stress and being in that in-between where i hate my style but no idea where i want to take it. nothing much i can do about either, but augh! i want to Create, i just don't have the Brain Works to do it at the moment.

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many adults need books and dice and so on to assure themselves that it's okay to play pretend because it's all according to some set of rules, but tabletop roleplaying is at its best in the moments where the code evaporates and everyone's in the flow state of sharing in each other's imaginations like they were able to do in their childhood.

eyestrain in image 

a fitting subject for my first post on plush city, a very plushie-lookin' fella! pockets (he/they), an oc i recently acquired and i love him very much. funky lil opossum!

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