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a snek for jamsbunnies of their oc spider!

i don't think i've ever drawn a snake in such detail before, this was a cool learning experience!

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mlp, ableism mention 

i love "rainbow" (the song that plays at the end of the movie) but i wish so bad that i lived in an alternate universe where songbird serenade wasn't based on and voiced by notorious ableist, sia

bc its so catchy but i cant ever listen to it without thinking "this singer hates autistic people" and getting a bad taste in my mouth

i stopped taking my anxiety meds last week (bc they were giving me fatigue) and i have been making art Literally Nonstop ever since. i have made more art this week than the entire month before. oh my god

some screenshot edit/redraws i did to practice precision with my linework. and also to see how my ocs would look in show style. mostly the latter. they look so cute!! :blob_aww:

however, the best thing is Car Time. i have a 20min bus ride to campus this year and its going to be so great for my creativity. when i had a 45m-1h bus ride in high school? my daydreams got Wild

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the worst thing that can happen to me as a maladaptive/immersive daydreamer is finding a song that would be perfect to daydream an animatic for, but the song doesn't fit ANY of my characters

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Very frustrated with my lack of control when it comes to traditional media, particularly paints, but I did at least manage to make something it is impossible to be frustrated about.

just uploaded a bunch of old sketchbook drawings to toyhouse and it turns out i had a lot of them that hadn't been digitally backed up, like at all. now they are, at least!

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“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

the first two of my nextgen ! they were based off of canon ponies, but they don't have to be related. i'm really proud of these designs but i know i won't use them ^^;

$10 each or a character/art trade, but i'd prefer money. see them on toyhouse for more info and my terms:

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Eye contact (drawing), spooky vibes 

🦋 The Lepidopterist 🦋

(Press F to pay respects, I just deleted the original file accidentally. Let’s hope the png has enough quality for prints.)

fandom (the brand) wikis are such a goddamn nightmare to navigate on mobile. there are ads everywhere and the content shifts randomly... not much better on desktop but at least i have an adblocker there

the end of an era... (changing my minecraft username)

i wrote a thing about fae in my worldbuilding project, and it features two of my favorite characters :blobheart:

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dragons and cats are the same creature with a different coat of paint. i will not be taking criticism

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i really want to create a biological nomenclature system for my worldbuild bc i love that kind of thing, but also. i have to put myself in the shoes of the ppl in the world.

would they categorize lizard-like non-sapient creatures as similar to sapient dragonfolk?? would humans be in the same family as fae bc they look similar?? what would They think???

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