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descriptions of Knytte & Miso 

is a black shih tzu.
she's small and soft with floppy ears. she can curl up and be round or stretch out and be long.
She's got a little white beard + a white patch on her chest.

is a mix of lhasa apso, bichon havanez and volpino italiano.
she's a small, soft girl. her fur is light and her ears are big and pointy and has a lot of long fur hanging from them.
she's only got 3 front teeth and she's a bit bald in places.

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Critters: good, but not as good as Critters 3

happy halloween season, here is a spooky picture my SO took of our cat investigating the new decorations

movie violence 

I like the scene where they eat the landlord

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I think this is the best one, but it's been a while since I last saw it

4 is absolutely the worst though

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I'm watching Critters 3

I love those little fuzzballs

it's cold and I'm sitting on the bed, under a blanket with Miso sleeping next to me

still need more warm

spoiler for Eliminators (1986) 

the ending for this movie is amazing

so the bad guy is this man who's built a time machine for the sole purpose of going back to roman times and become caesar

but the protagonists fuck with the time machine so he goes back like hundreds of millions of years

and he steps out of the machine wearing his cyber centurion armor and is like "noooo"

it's very good

M picked up Knytte so now it'll just be me and Miso here for a while

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