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descriptions of Knytte & Miso 

is a mix of lhasa apso, bichon havanez and volpino italiano.
she's a small, soft girl. her fur is light and her ears are big and pointy and has a lot of long fur hanging from them.
she's only got 3 front teeth and she's bald in places.

is a black shih tzu.
she's small and soft with floppy ears. she can curl up and be round or stretch out and be long.
She's got a little white beard + a white patch on her chest. she's also a bit bald.

i'm very tired and i wanna finish this movie today :blobsleeping:

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ah, new chapter of Ikoku Nikki... i guess i'll save that for tomorrow

in all the failed time
sometimes rare healing
and some time breaks down
into strange moments

A Strange Day's Haunting

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Miso was very eager to walk through the little park, so we did that

it's walktime, and then it's movietime, and then it's sleeptime

Miso, how do you manage to get your butt wet when you drink water


"get the cheese to sick bay"

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didn't have time to watch my morning Voyager today so i'm watching it now, in the evening

considering i only just started doing backups a couple of years ago i've been very good at not losing stuff

i have files from the '90s

... ah, i'm kinda old :toot:

6 pm and no prescription... weh, i'm gonna have to call them tomorrow aren't i

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i should watch Slacker too, i remember that being really fun

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think i'll watch A Scanner Darkly tonight

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