:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspented Several Instances 

🔶 We've just suspended the following instances as a preventative measure:

🔷 They all seem to be run by the same admin who has been caught harassing users of other instances. ;~;

🔶 Others' attempts to call out this behavior resulted in further harassment and blocks. We're not even going to bother with this one.

🔷 HECK 'EM! >.<

:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspented Several Instances 

@announcements Who is the admin out of curiosity

:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspented Several Instances 

@announcements → welcome to nginx, dead instance? → redirects to a dead .onion → Wtf is that? → looks like a blog or something

re: :plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspented Several Instances 

🔶 It's our understanding that those were previously fediverse instances and have since been decomissioned and repurposed.

🔷 We're blocking them just in case. ^.^

:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspented Several Instances 

@announcements Half of those instances doesn't even exist (anymore), and I'm also not quite sure why is showing up in that list?

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