:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 

This instance (especially this bot was clearly purpose-built to put the views & beliefs of white nationalists and fascists onto our timelines.

We here at ✨Plush✨ City are opposed to white nationalism and fascism in all its forms. As such, we actively work to de-platform white nationalists, whenever possible. This is such an act; we encourage other folks to join us in solidarity.

:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 

TFW you find out is white nationalists instead of furry 🦊 🦊, "Oh, it's *that* Fox" ☹️

:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 


🔶 I know, right? :<

🔷 We gotta take it back!! For the foxes!! ✊

:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 

@announcements is there another account besides that one? i wasnt able to find others, probably going to block the domain to be sure but it seems like a single user deal

:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 

@anna @announcements
👍 👍

:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 

🔶 There's at least one other account according to the instance, but my instance never saw it. I'd just block the whole instance-- by domain it's clear what they were trying to do.

:plush:​🏙📣❕Suspended Instance (cw: us politics, nationalism) 

@announcements goddamnit they stole my entire online persona too

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