:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspended Instances 

🔹 As a reminder, If you see someone acting in a way that violates our code of conduct (, please report 'em!! We'll sort 'em out for you. ^.^

🔸As always, you can view a full list of instances we've suspended here:

:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspended Instances 

🔹Always happy to help, fren!!

🔸 We also keep a full list of our suspended instances in our about/more page ( just in case you find that helpful as well! ^^

@announcements Thanks! In the last couple of days there was a talk with some Instance admins (something that I’m not) about sharing ban-lists with Instances based on similar values. That will be a collaboration that will be helpful for everybody!

@Ca_Gi @announcements
nor am I an admin, but appreciate the toots. Signed up with due to the about page. If we keep the spirit of our about page then life will be less stressful. these suspended instances can go have whatever they consider a good time on their own time, in their own little corner of the sewer.
when they sneak out we blast them with buckshot (and re-load) :blobgrin:

re: :plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspended Instances 

re: :plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspended Instances 

:plush:​🏙📣❕ Suspended Instances 

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