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etched into acrylic on the back of my keyboard :333

the Quirk-C, a low-profile keyboard consisting of a PCB, choc switches, and MBK keycaps. it's 15mm tall!

exact same layout as the Quirk, but only 1u and 2u keys.

fursona, eye contact 

i got this from wallabyshark on twitter and it's pretty and!! gay

uterus joke ☭ 

uterus? no, comrade. i have an usterus

transmisia, misogyny 

and this only came out once i decided to say the W-word, hahahahaha

the misogyny comes right out

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i got a bunch of people being shitty at me on twitter because i decided it was ok for me to call myself a woman

one person was like "that's not for you to decide, that was decided for you when you were born with a uterus" lol


i cleaned my desk and i'm using the new Quirk C and whoooaaaa

i made a kk slider reference in my code and no one will get it, that's ok tho :blobcry:

whoops it's been a minute. i've been down a rabbit hole. anyway my fursona is on a PCB

@mxsparks hey is there any usage license on :transistor: ? i wanna

i wanna put it on my PCBs in a regulatory marking sort of way

pronouns update 

fae: YES!
they: yes
she: ok
all others: no

yo, does anyone have opinions on laser cutters? looking for something to cut acrylic. would love for it to be less than usd$1000

bumper sticker: "I wasn't assigned this gender but I got here as fast as I could!"

dog/puppy photos 

the photos i have of as-yet unnamed puppy that we're going to pick up tomorrow. she's so cute! and from what i've heard, calm and friendly with other dogs and cats

pu b y

me: *posts keyboard*

me: *genuinely forgets that fae uses a weird shape (ortholinear) with a weird layout (colemak-mod-dh)*

this is the current state the Quirk is in! i got a 1.5mm acrylic top plate, blue PCB, laser engraving... this is all still cheap as hell but it's looking better!

also i made that pink cable

espeon for effect

anti asian racism 

never want to hear ppl say that asian people are "basically white" ever again

you're just telling on yourself at this point when you assume south asian/southeast asian ppl don't exist

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