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selfies, some ec, boosts welcome! :boosts_ok_gay:​ 

Ah, yes, the 3 genders.

Fucking hell this thing is sweet. 💙​

alriiight i did it, this is the Quirk prototype, fully assembled!


yesterday was the heat treatment on my house and we had to move a ton of stuff and then vacate the place for a few hours and then come back and clean everything o m g

i am so tired

Cran and i have decided that we're getting a smaller place to live

i got my PCBs today!!

i can't do anything yet because all my tools are packed up though

i need one of those star projector thingys for my ceiling

tf drawing 

Maeve's 'Surprise, Sucker' delayed effect tf candies

i wanted to make these more of an ad. i might

ADHD meds, pandemic 

it was easier to bury myself in work and not worry about ~everything~ before the pandemic

but it's been a year and i don't think we're going back to those times

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ADHD meds (advice appreciated) 

i should talk to my doctor about this (and i will), but i need an alternative to adderall. every time i try i end up doing worse than before due to anxiety.


hahah whoops got stoned

my roommates suspect nothing

except i did make a really bad injera pun

i started a tiny page for the keyboards i'm designing! and there's a name, i'm now star*boards (or star boards if you want to be less cute)

there's even layout links so you can see them in glorious Keyboard Layout Editor

cat eye contact 

you so
when you

burnout, mh- 

i'm just so fucken tired. i have like, no ability left to do my job, i sit down to code and it's just

static brain

sooner or later they're gonna figure out that i'm not doing shit and idk, try to take action on it or something

who the fuck knows hahah

i survived but i don't know how to function

the snow is melting, and after tomorrow morning it won't be freezing any more. i got a cool video of stuff falling from the trees as it thawed

it's gonna be fine

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we're thru it now and it wasn't like, constant. but it's been hell. electricity seems stable, water is on now, but we have to boil it, but that's fine

i just want the people that caused this to answer for it and they won't, but they will literally charge us more for energy because they can.

anywayyyyy fuck texas, fuck ERCOT, fuck republicans

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heyyyy i just spent a week with power off, water out, in a boil notice, in the coldest temperatures i've ever been in

keyboard build (programming the microcontroller DONE) 

got the qmk parts of the keyboard programmed, AND it has support for the Vial configurator. it's so cool to see this layout on the screen

i shorted some pins and typed a slash!! PCBs will coming monday.

ALSO i have a logo now????????

to be clear, i did all this myself. i could have continued as i was and it would have been "okay i guess"

i'm so glad i embraced it. but there is nothing predetermined about gender, or any aspect of existence. i've not done this because of an external definition i wanted to conform to but an inner one

are they the same? there's only one i can experience directly, and it's inside me

transness is sacred. i'm paraphrasing that idea from Blue, but i feel it in my bones

anyway good mornin'

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