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this is the first time i've put out a substantial amount of music, and it's handmade lofi, check it ouuuuuuuut

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ph, feet muscles, pain 

i'm not gonna start wearing shoes

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ph, feet muscles, pain 

i'm realizing that i put my feet into a position that stretches out my arch/heel muscles/tendons/whatever, by putting weight on the ball of my feet

constantly, when i'm seated and not wearing shoes

the pain has gotten really bad lately and i just now realized this. it probably was less of a problem when i worked in an office and wore shoes all the time

if you're drawing a tanuki, they better be absolutely juicy

haha! i have avoided everyone asking "what's that layout?" by using blanks hue hue hue hue

(colemak crew 4 ilfe)

i made a keyboard that looks like two slices of toast with eggs on them

eggy toast breadboard

a music tracker is just a spreadsheet that learned to make notes send toot

need a weather app with Canadian Girlfriend Mode where it shows temps in F and C

gorgeous gorgeous girls have trouble speaking and sleeping at times

that said, empress trees are invasive and probably those will be cut down eventually. weh

that said ALSO, empress trees fucking rule and they have the prettiest and best smelling blossoms

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the 2021 freeze took a lot of really cool trees, one was this empress tree down the street. it was taken down late last year

empress seedlings have popped up along its root system and they're already mighty

the neurodivergent feeling of being disappointed in someone's misunderstanding response to your email, when you've tried not to overexplain yourself

i was going to do some cool night photography but then a cop drove by, shining a flashlight down my street

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