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this is the first time i've put out a substantial amount of music, and it's handmade lofi, check it ouuuuuuuut

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maybe i just email them, it's a hundred bucks lmao

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do i buy another license for Sublime Text just to not have my deadname on it????

oh wow i do not do well with moving UI elements, sorry for the refollow @avie

ruined myself for texas weather by spending a week in michigan :blobsadleft:

john linnell is like a perfect little gremlin man

just an absolute fucker

adult *snicker* human *stifled laughter* female *full-throated guffawing*

lmao i just went from toxic situation (parents) to the absolute most chill situation (alone in a house) and the whiplash is so much

i have a little tanuki plush and she's filled with nice weighted beans or whatever, meant to sit stablely on a leg or shoulder but mostly she lays on my chest and it feels good and i just want more

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shouts out to weird little genders. to funny little genders just hanging out. bein weird

wow it's been a fucked up day week month year decade

dairy allergy, pain 

still in pain but it's less,

but it's still pain. hahahahhaha

hopefully i can just *never have this happen again*

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dairy allergy, autism, wikipedia 

wikipedia, "casein": ...A significant portion of those on the autism spectrum have an intolerance or allergy to casein protein into adulthood...

hahahahahahhah fuck

my diet got way worse when i moved in with my parents so maybe this is just how it's gonna be

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