i made a keyboard that looks like two slices of toast with eggs on them

eggy toast breadboard

you can also use just one side for an eggpad!

@LeopardFolf this is boba U4 and the keycaps are rama grid!

the U4's are a nice old standby, though i much prefer linears now

@astra sounds like a good combination! Most of the time I prefer linear as well, but I've heard good reviews from the U4s I might have to grab a set :eyes_opposite:

@LeopardFolf my favorite linears gotta be tangerines, but the new gateron oil kings are really good! and easier to get

@astra I swear I'll be old when I finally catch a tangerine drop

@deightonrobbie @borisv lol

it's actually based on another design i have, just in a new fun shape

@astra @deightonrobbie
At first I assumed that you took a ready keyboard kit and added custom case on top of it, now I understand that you make custom PCBs as well. Impressive, kudos to you!

@astra it'd take me an hour to type my name on that. Cool looking though!

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