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This account is locked just so I'm able to filter out bots and possible hatefollows. Feel free to try following me without asking first, unless your account is or seems empty.

Don't expect me to be complicit with ableism, racism, cissexism, whoremisia, misogyny, amatonormativity, mononormativity, gender norms, fatmisia, classism, kinkmisia, queer exclusionism, neurodivergent exclusionism, anti-alterhuman hatred/"disbelief" or respectability politics.

I filter out most "casual" slurs.

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Hi, I'm Aster and here's my ! ()

I'm a white Brazilian (aroflux, demisexual, ply, lichtgender, intersex), I'm , and this is my personal account so I guess it'll have a bit of everything.

I'm the admin of a queer instance aimed at Portuguese speakers at @Aster, I complain about tech at @Starry and I talk about queer stuff at @Stardust and videogames at @A.

I was at @comet before.

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Today is International Romani Day, a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Romani people. Here are some (external) posts from Romani people (containing mentions of racism, genocide, deportation, enslavement, slurs, etc.) 

Opre Roma: Worldwide Celebration of International Roma Day

"Today however, is also International Romani Day, a day designed to raise awareness of the issues faced by the Roma population, but to also celebrate their culture and heritage."

"since international romani day is coming to a close i’d like to remind non-romani of a few things"

10 Myths About Romani Identity

A few things

The “G” Word Isn’t for You

Scholarship Programs (also has donation links)

"Give back to the organizations and people who fight endlessly for Romani rights."

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Kinmisia in the Transgender Community: A Body For Me, But Not For Thee. Dreamwidth entry, public. Basically what it says on the tin. An intro the the topic, more than a deep dive.

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Hey folks, the volunteer org I am a part of is doing a survey on perceptions of migraine. Would love to get as many responses as possible (you don't need to have migraine to do it).

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Emergency relief fund for a trans DACA recipient

Please donate!! Joyce has been financially supporting their parents and siblings (who are unable to receive govt assistance) for the past year throughout quarantine, but they can't do it alone anymore!!
Funds will go towards helping their family reestablish stability and also towards funding gender-affirming surgery that Joyce has been unable to save for bc of their dedication to taking care of their family's needs first.

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dad joke 

"call me by your name"
"ok mr your name"

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when people complain about a programming community having "SJWs" that's how you know it's good

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my personal health: MS + donations welcome 

They're 2 doses per year, tho, so that's nice. I was having a hard time keeping track of my meds times anyway. *sigh*

btw, I'll need to take the first dose in 2 times, two weeks apart from one another. I don't have a car nor a job. Shit is falling apart all around me. If you could help me out with some moneys for transport and whatnot I'd appreciate very much! ^^;

Thanks in any case <3

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Our website is finally up. with info on our projects and ways to help our.

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hot tech tip^tm 

u should turn off location access for that app, it probably doesn’t need it

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Hey, j'ai un ami queer et trans sur Bruxelles qui est vraiment, vraiment, vraiment dans la merde et qui a vraiment vraiment besoin d'aide pour s'en sortir

Partagez en masse, svp, c'est super urgent !!!

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Call for QTPOC Writers. BOUNDARY. A Concersation for Our Collective Well-Being. Pitches due April 4th.


Feature-length Articles & Cultural Critiques: $500 - $1,000

Personal Essays: $275

Alternative Formats (Interviews, Reviews, Roundtables, etc.: $500 - $1,000

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petition for the liberation of congolese human rights advocate

- Immediate release of Dr. Alexandre Ibacka Dzabana and respect for his fundamental human rights.

- Right to a fair and equitable trial

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ABA, ableism 

I feel pretty good about the resources I've got, but I know some of you have been focusing more heavily on this than I have, so any you can point me toward will be helpful. The presentation is this Tuesday afternoon, US time.

Again, I'm not looking for cases of ABA being obviously traumatic (e.g., aversives, extinction): I have those, and more will be unhelpful. I'm looking for critical analysis of ways that even today's best "good" ABA is basically fundamentally ableist.


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ABA reference; ablism talk 

Looking for #ActuallyAutistic input.

An acquaintance of mine is a BCBA #ABA practitioner. She's also an outspoken activist directing her colleagues to listen to autistic people about ABA's big problems. This week she's running a presentation on ableism for her colleagues, and she's asked me and several other autistic people to contribute. She's making space for us to speak to BCBAs about ableism in ABA, and she's prepared for some strong criticism.


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#Nonbinary people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, how did you answer the sex question in the UK census?

#Census2021 #CensusDay

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