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This account is locked just so I'm able to filter out bots and possible hatefollows. Feel free to try following me without asking first, unless your account is or seems empty.

Don't expect me to be complicit with ableism, racism, cissexism, whoremisia, misogyny, amatonormativity, mononormativity, gender norms, fatmisia, classism, kinkmisia, queer exclusionism, neurodivergent exclusionism, anti-alterhuman hatred/"disbelief" or respectability politics.

I filter out most "casual" slurs.

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Hi, I'm Aster and here's my ! ()

I'm a white Brazilian (aroflux, demisexual, ply, lichtgender, intersex), I'm , and this is my personal account so I guess it'll have a bit of everything.

I'm the admin of a queer instance aimed at Portuguese speakers at @Aster, I complain about tech at @Starry and I talk about queer stuff at and videogames at @A.

I was at @comet before.

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transphobia, nazis, wizard game, terf lady, cis bullshit 

If for some ridiculous reason you insist on giving 70€ to a transphobic fascist, an antisemitic studio and a right-wing lead developer (the Potter game) – WHY WOULD YOU TELL THIS TO YOUR TRANS FRIEND?

Yes please tell me more about how you prioritise childhood nostalgia over not funding genocidal fascists who want me dead, I would love to hear more!


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begpost, mutualaid, in dire need for money :boost_ok: 

sooo, I'm fucked. I need money to pay bills and food urgently and my work depends 100% on my mental health that is 100% kaput those days because of money.

I've been spiraling for almost 15 days trying to find a solution and if not due to some other help I've recieved I do not know where I'd be.

Basically, my dad screws me over money, I get in a real bad place, I can't work at all, everything goes downhill really fast.

I can do some tarot reading and simple pixel arts and stuff

I have a ko-fi that I think should be working.

Theorically I have a paypal too but I dunno if it does let me recieve money from overseas easily. No link for me.

If you can boost this I'll be forever grateful for y'all. 🥺

#mutualAid #transCrowdfund #mutualAidRequest #begpost


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who called it white nonsense and not 

what the # ffffff

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question about mutual aid thingies; :boost_ok: 

heey, what are the tags that people are using? I'll be doing a post soon and I'd like to know; :boost_ok:

bandcamp link, lyrics mention heavy subjects

I really like this one! CW for themes and mentions of abuse, hopelessness, death, sex, religion, and maybe other things I'm overlooking, though

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bandcamp link

"inspired by ringtones, jingles, grindcore, powerviolence, radio dj mixes, beat tapes, and viral tik toks, recovery girl (a.k.a galen tipton) sought out to create the catchiest, busiest and most in your face pop beats in at least just over 30 secs (the amount of time needed to be paid for a stream on spotify)"

oh whoa. I didn't expect much since the songs are short, but these are art

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the matrix, but the way Neo's powers work is by doing weird speedrunning glitches and strats

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wanna help two homeless queers survive 'til my first paycheck?

I had to drop like $300 on licensing for my new job. good news: it pays almost like a "real job", once it starts. bad news: right now I need money for my phone+data bill and my boyfriend's meds. we're officially out of savings.

anything helps- phone's not due for a couple of weeks, meds are needed asap and should be $40.

thanks to everyone!
CashApp / Venmo $nuktibromos

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hey everyone, opening regs for a bit in case someone from cybre is looking for a new server presently.

the usual reminder: we are a small, quite heavily moderated server. if you want reach, we might not be the place for you, if you want a relatively peaceful experience, we might be (though in the end, you can move servers now so :icosan_woozy: )

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racist and sexist Tutanota meme post 

I'm reposting this at the request of the original poster, who is setting a personal boundary on replies.

It was posted by the @Tutanota account this morning, by the looks of the time. The original post has been deleted, followed by a curt apology from the company and no further information.

Personally, I don't feel like that is good enough, especially for a company that advocates for privacy.

Privacy is a human right, but it isn't the only one -- dignity matters just as much. To publicly post a racist meme makes Mastodon hostile for POC users.

That behavior operates under the implication that Mastodon is for white people, which is supremacist. It's unacceptable, and I have personally deleted my account with Tutanota.

Tutanota, you permitted someone with this toxic of a mindset to fester inside your company. To me, it's compromised. You need to come clean to your users about what happened, what steps you've taken to address it (internally and externally), and an apology that sounds more heartfelt, and understanding of the impact of this on your users and on the Mastodon community.

I don't personally care where the meme originated from. I've been on the internet going on thirty years, I know edgelord trash when I see it. Very disappointing.

Boosts appreciated.

I really like Days N Daze and I find that weird since I basically don't listen to anything else of a similar genre o_O

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Before someone comes with "but authors need to be paid"... are authors being paid now, with draconian copyright and everything? Is it easy to get published and make money out of selling books? Is it easy to live off just of writing books? Isn't there a huge number of aspiring authors working their asses off with no compensation? Aren't authors being exploited and scammed by the big corps?

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Heads-up to #Patreon creators: Patreon is going to require anyone whose page is classified as "adult/18+" to photograph an ID for sharing with some third-party tech firm:

If, like us, your page was algorithmically classified as 18+ despite containing no nudity or sexually-explicit content, now is a good time to send a support ticket asking them to fix that. Instructions here:

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support queer+trans ppl in Kenya 

Trans & Queer Fund supports LGBTQIA+ life in Kenya - organizers, refugees, artists, people. Their extended community on the ground is going through an especially tough time right now. One (1) euro or u.s. dollar is worth about 120 Kenyan shillings, so for a lot of you reading this your money can make a serious difference. Please support via M-Pesa (predominant Kenyan money transfer service), PayPal, or by sharing with someone who can.

If you have questions or need more details than what's included in the attached image, here are 3 ways to get in touch:

Twitter - @TransqueerKe
Instagram -
Email -

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genders are opt-in communities. no one should feel they belong to any gender because they have no options or "that's just what I am and there's no changing it!"

tysm 4 coming to my ted talk

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MH, Portugal, asking for help 

I have a friend being detained against her will in a psychiatric hospital in Portugal.

If there's anyone who knows mental health regulations in Portugal, I would be keen to talk.

Please boost.

I like reading/listening about advice on how to write, but at the same time I get a sense of dread from not being good enough at applying those tips when I write lol

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