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This account is locked just so I'm able to filter out bots and possible hatefollows. Feel free to try following me without asking first, unless your account is or seems empty.

Don't expect me to be complicit with ableism, racism, cissexism, whoremisia, misogyny, amatonormativity, mononormativity, gender norms, fatmisia, classism, kinkmisia, queer exclusionism, neurodivergent exclusionism, anti-alterhuman hatred/"disbelief" or respectability politics.

I filter out most "casual" slurs.

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Hi, I'm Aster and here's my ! ()

I'm a white Brazilian (aroflux, demisexual, ply, lichtgender, intersex), I'm , and this is my personal account so I guess it'll have a bit of everything.

I'm the admin of a queer instance aimed at Portuguese speakers at @Aster, I complain about tech at @Starry and I talk about queer stuff at and videogames at @A.

I was at @comet before.

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I am again looking to buy queer/2SLGBTQIAP+/disabled/BIPOC representative stickers for both my own personal needs and for my work!

If you know of a good shop, creator, artist, or artisan who is a member of any of the above communities, please drop a link! I want to ensure my money goes into the pockets of people who need it!

(boosts very welcome, I want to drown my workspace in pride stickers)

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Joke that contains misgendering 

Trans man Dracula, smashing his glass into the wall after being misgendered for the last time: "What is a ma'am?!"

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Here's a thread of polls on abortion; everyone of any gender should be able to participate.

Boosts are encouraged and appreciated, to get the polls out and circulating outside of our usual nonbinary bubble.

If you identify as more than one, e.g. nonbinary man, genderfluid cis man/trans woman, vote in as many polls as you feel apply.

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Don't usually like putting myself Out There on the public timeline like this, but since we're having an influx of new users: #feditips #otherkin #therian #alterhuman

We've got lots of furry instances here, but a lot of instances are pro-otherkin/therian/alterhuman as well! (If you don't know what those terms mean: )

Instances that have a lot of nonhuman folks and are welcoming: (for members of plural/multiple systems)

Feel free to add your own instance as a friendly one!

oh hey, while I was mastosurfing because of the new account wave and stuff, I found three relatively new instances which seem interesting:

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:trans: 🇧🇪 hey i'm looking for any #trans or otherwise #queer / #lgbtq people in #belgium who know how the #transition process looks like here. any pointers, websites, organizations, therapist recs, personal anecdotes welcome 👍 :boosts_ok_gay:

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Let's watch some kaiju movies!



we will be watching

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)

its on which is free and ad free

please watch and live toot it with us


follow the guppe group: @monsterdon

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BDSM stands for Billionaire dies on Space Mission

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Argentina Formally Recognizes Nonbinary People, a Latin American First

Argentines no longer have to be identified as female or male on their national identity documents, the latest step in President Alberto Fernández’s push for gender equality.

Gender: X will be "offer as an option" on passeport, national ID doc, etc.

So hey, my queer alt is moving from to @QueerComet, if anyone's interested!

( is closing. :/)

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Three days left in Pride month. Three charities. I will match up to $1000 each. Please toot or DM me your receipts!

🌈 LGBTQ Freedom Fund
🌈 Gender Justice League
🌈 Trans Lifeline

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I really enjoy taking photos from airplanes

The heat made for hazy, dreamy sunset photos and really clear, crisp night shots

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:thaenkin: When you're on ✨plush✨ city, your push notifications are also ✨plush✨ notifications :thinkhappy:

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This is humble, but it's one of the pieces I've been happiest with! It's made with `stitchcraft`, `ih`, and love <3

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crowdfunding for a Black queer woman, boosts please 

Help Jude Move Out of an Unsafe Household

context (TW mentions of physical and emotional abuse):

"The abuse Black queer women suffer at home is simply a microcosm of the great system of abuse that defines our lives from bedroom to the edge of our driveways and then far beyond."

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offer of free tarot readings :boost_ok: 

it is the full moon (yesterday actually and I guess that around here) and as tradition (established by myself) it's time to offer free tarot readings.

usually I do it to portuguese speaking people but so very little people showed interest so I'll be trying to to this over here too.

if you have anything to ask the cards, fire away and I'll pull a card for you and try my best to answer it! anybody is welcome to ask about mostly anything regardless of you believing in it or not. the only hard rule is that it's a question per persons unless I still have some "bandwidth" left but then I'll let y'all know!

just send me a dm or if you don't mind me answering publicly a message. thanks! :boost_ok:

#tarot #pixelArt

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