i'm boi, an agender 33yo with they/them pronouns. i'm attracted to people of all genders & some objects (including plushies).

i have kinky and sexual interests that i'll probably post about so i have to request that people under the age of 18yo please not follow me.

i have several object partners right now that i'm comfortable sharing about online, including a plush rabbit named thicket (he/they).


sex & kink mentions 

hopefully keeping these all replies has let me mark them sensitive and provide cws where necessary without spamming the local timeline!

some tags to help others with similar interests find me:

Web 1 0 1

@boi_and_toy To keep things out of the timeline, you can always adjust your status privacy (the icon next to the CW icon). ^^

"Unlisted" means visible by the public but not posted to federated and local timelines-- just to folks who follow you, view your profile, or follow someone who boosted your toot. ^^

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