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I drew and colored a sketch of Hale "Damselfly" Planejane petting a kitty.

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GRS Warning, Medical Malpractice 

I've seen Dr. Rumer's careless disregard for her patients up close, but I won't elaborate here. If you want details on how Dr. Rumer has harmed many many people who trusted her to help them, then read this article:

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Stop using "split personalities" as a movie monster! We're real people! I'm not a monster!

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I make walking toys! They aren't battery powered or wind up; you just put them on a slanted surface and they start waddling along by gravity.

talkin about weed 

just learned that cannabis used to be the common name, and that "marijuana" became the most ~accepted~ name in the early 20th century - there was a panic about it coming up from mexico after the mexican revolution, and the term "marijuana" was used to make it seem more Scary and Mexican

Oh no I stayed up till 3am scratch building a pressure tank for my mecha's pile driver.

There's going to be a live action Gundam flick, streamed by Netflix:

"Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) will direct and produce the film. Comic book author Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways) will write the script and serve as an executive producer for the film."

too much fiction portrays the villains as the only ones who try to do or change anything. too much fiction where the hero is a force of stasis

Staying up till 3am doing modeling stuff wasn't worth it. I'm dead tired today, and have a bunch of chores to do.

Asking for donation for my union membership fee 

I have an upcoming union membership fee bill that I don't know how to pay. Leaving the union isn't exactly an option (it's far more expencive not to be a member), so I'm asking you, comrades: Will you help me pay the union bill? It's €25 and my donation links are and (it's the boat ko-fi but I have to prioritise this)

It still feels like it'd kinda be a shame to go for an overhead view on my Mode 7 levels, so I'm experimenting with having the gameplay not grid aligned again. With acceleration it seems to work out well I think?

If I do this I'll have to try and design levels around allowing for wider turns. Also actually implement wall collision that takes unaligned movement into account.
#gamedev #snesdev

The standard 3mm pegs represent almost a foot and a half wide post.

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It's weird scratch building at this scale and trying to keep in mind that every millimeter of plastic represents 5.75 inches of fictional machinery.

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Oh no I stayed up till 3am scratch building a pressure tank for my mecha's pile driver.

I made the mistake of posting this on the 30MM subreddit too.

I got people telling me how to do the thing I just did, and people telling me that I just need to buy more kits to get enough of the official little hole covers to plug all the holes (out of the three kits I bought I got exactly 2 official little hole covers).

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There's a lot of holes not visible in that photo which I also plugged. All in all I plugged up 20 peg holes. And there's more I left unplugged so I can use them in the future.

30MM mechas really are as much a construction toy as they are a model kit.

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Filled in a bunch of the unused peg holes in my 30MM construction mecha.

It was surprisingly easy to cut little plugs from left over sprue, and file the surface flat. Sprues aren't always exactly 3mm but a good portion of the sprues from 30 Minute Missions kits seem to be.

Happened upon this stylish girl on the ride home from getting kibbeh... had to stop and take a few pics to share!

This is on the front lawn of a house sitting right next to a church, and that adds something, I feel!

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