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Trans Testicular Cancer Awareness 

Trans people who have testicles can get testicular cancer even if they've been on estrogen and t-blockers for years. I have personally known two trans women who have had testicular cancer. Don't stop being vigilant just because you've been on HRT.

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GRS Warning, Medical Malpractice 

I've seen Dr. Rumer's careless disregard for her patients up close, but I won't elaborate here. If you want details on how Dr. Rumer has harmed many many people who trusted her to help them, then read this article:

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Stop using "split personalities" as a movie monster! We're real people! I'm not a monster!

My wife got this beautiful multi-input thing from HD Retrovision to use in her (our) retro game room. It's beautiful! I love the laser cut acrylic.

But it makes us (mostly me) nervous that the sides are completely open to dust and such. So I'm designing and 3d printing walls to cover those gaps.


dang, boobs are so good yall. i love boobs. i love having boobs!

Of course if I were willing to just use a damn airbrush it wouldn't be an issue.

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I forgot I used green metallic gundam marker for the visor. It's oh kay, but not great. Still looking for a better option for eyes and visors and such. I ordered some promising looking fluorescent markers made by Mio Hobby but they're not here yet.

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New feature soon in Krita: Lambert Shading.🔆

It's a blending mode made by Despair for better shading using a single layer. I gave feedback to adjust the blending mode during its development. The blending mode is really versatile as you'll see in this quick demo I painted:

She goes by Carrie, which is short for her fullname, \r\n, which is pronounced “Carriage Return Newline”

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AAA games are the junk food of videogames, but people treat it as if it was the gourmet high cuisine.

I also used Real Touch Gundam Markers on it. They're the only good Gundam Markers IMO.

The shiny scratches and metallic frame detials are just silver Sharpie.

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I feel like the calves are still too clean. But I should put this down for today. I've got more important stuff to do.

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Oil pastels look great as dirt on model kits.

Hopefully it won't be too just come off a year from now when I take the kit off my shelf to dust.

re: neurodiversity, cultural observation 


Speaking of aircraft design and hyperfixations…

neurodiversity, cultural observation 

You know how autism, for example, is correlated with difficulties around theory of mind, e.g. the ability to understand what others are thinking and feeling?

Well, how many neurotypical people do you know who have an accurate understanding of _your_ thoughts and feelings? Any of them? If the population figures were inverted, wouldn't neurotypical people be the ones diagnosed with poor theory of mind?

All the more reason to believe that it's less of an innate deficiency and more of a deep difference in cognition between us. (While acknowledging that differences, like face blindness or TMI, may be closer to innate deficiencies.) Notice when these distinctions are contextual: I'd much rather have a hyperfocused person designing my airplane over the most sociable person who still lacks a special interest in structural engineering.

tl;dr: Resist the tendency to pathologize that comes from the medical establishment, society at large, and our own internalized ablism. Their "defect" is often our distinctiveness, not our destiny.

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