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Stop using "split personalities" as a movie monster! We're real people! I'm not a monster!

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I make walking toys! They aren't battery powered or wind up; you just put them on a slanted surface and they start waddling along by gravity.

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Here's a quick lil piece I did for @BestGirlGrace and @junebug for June's birthday!!!!!!

this is a preonic, it's gorgeous. i'm a ridiculous creacher

I just won the eBay auction on what I guess is technically the first anime waifu figure I've ever bought. I don't know how to feel about this.

She is cute though, isn't she?

(CW Toy Robot Eye Contact)

Stuff You Missed In History Class did a really good episode on Bram Stoker recently.

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There's no way in hell Bram Stoker was straight.

"Completely legitimate scientific study claims 85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts"

We did it queerstodon

oh also the fact that prisons in DF are inhabited pretty much exclusively by people who didn't have enough material to make the ridiculous thing some noble demanded, or who accidentally traded away a bin full of mixed cloth scraps without realizing that some noble had decided they wanted all the alpaca wool to themself and banned its export

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remember that time when dwarf fortress implemented capitalism and then found that wealth got quickly concentrated to a few rich dwarves and then they decided fuck it and went back to communistic fortresses

Longshot but anyone know of a sulfur-free clay with a density of about 1.20 to 1.25 g/cm³ (22.14 cubic inches per pound)?

A hard clay that doesn't dry would be ideal but I'm anything would help.

I jus wanna be a big wing airplane girl and float away

this week, I started a character deisgn based on dragonfruit. first draft has been going well!

i haven't decided which one to use! i'm a little partial to yellow and deep red myself 🐉

steal triple A games.
it is the morally correct choice.

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