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I drew and colored a sketch of Hale "Damselfly" Planejane petting a kitty.

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GRS Warning, Medical Malpractice 

I've seen Dr. Rumer's careless disregard for her patients up close, but I won't elaborate here. If you want details on how Dr. Rumer has harmed many many people who trusted her to help them, then read this article:

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Stop using "split personalities" as a movie monster! We're real people! I'm not a monster!

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I make walking toys! They aren't battery powered or wind up; you just put them on a slanted surface and they start waddling along by gravity.

@00dani went to check the account to see if it wasn't a fake and there was a post from two months ago saying "found some panties and a stuffed bra in my kids room what do I do" and one from a month ago saying "my ten year old is trans what's the best I can do for her", and it made me cry a little

selfie, eye contact 

today's gender: math witch, or perhaps mad computer scientist

the difference between the two's mostly academic.

@chimerror this robot kneecaps everyone with blonde hair

the robot never kneecapped me, so i'm feeling pretty positive about it. blonde people must secretly deserve to be kneecapped. you can tell because they're always wearing kneepads. what are they afraid of

mutual aid for my black autistic trans non binary friend, discussions of abuse 

Alright, let’s give this another try, as I know there are still people here on mastodon who have wealth to redistribute.




@stolas I’m trying to find photos of an actual human wearing one and keep running across stuff like this

Pretty sure they wouldn’t charge $3000 for this if it didn’t work

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There are many who truly believe all are equal, but that the people the system harms deserve it for engaging in criminal behavior. They regard those minorites that fit into white expectations as doing the right thing, and others making it all about race as "race-baiters".

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Thesis turned in! Here are some northern lights I saw right after to mark the occasion:

Trans surgeries 

Sucks knowing I'll be waiting at least two years for breast augmentation :c

Here is a baby rock hyrax named either Spud, Gnocchi, or Pierogi thinking about eating a rose

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