@tsturm Ye gods and little fishes.

I've seen her posts before, with McMansions of all varieties, all with pretensions of grandeur, all built as remarkably cheaply as possible.

But this.. is in a world of its own. It is to interior design what the Winchester Mystery House is to architecture; it's as if someone wanted "gothic", but hired a Vegas casino designer.


@porsupah @tsturm This bathroom is a 1992 CGI tech demo made real and I'm terrified.

@bunny_jane @porsupah Totally!!! It really looks like the textures didn't match up as the artist expected. 😂​

@bunny_jane @tsturm That's the most perfectly apt, geeky critique possible. It is, and I am too. ^_^;

@porsupah @bunny_jane While I'm generally not a fan of over-policing, people who buy bathroom fixtures in that specific color should be put on some sort of government watchlist.

@tsturm @bunny_jane It does, at least, not heavily feature gold - I think that's the worse crime in a bathroom.

(And I speak as one who *loved* the olive & mustard shag carpet in one apartment =:)

@tsturm @porsupah @bunny_jane
The build in textures have been bad that time. When I had to model buldings, floors and nature, with Wavefront on SGI we where generating our textures out of pictures from surfaces from the neighbourhood, for any closeup...

@vilbi @porsupah @bunny_jane Yeah, we did the same! I did some architectural rendering around 1997-98 and we had a Apple QuickTake camera (resolution 640x480 😂​) - we took photos of every floor and wall in the neighborhood to create our own texture library.

@tsturm @porsupah @bunny_jane
We used a Professional Videocam or did paper pictures and scanned...
But our renderings had gigantic pixel counts of 3600x2400 pixels and more. They where printed by one of the first digital labs on DIN-A3 and by our DIN-A0 full colour printer in Poster size...
Problem was to transpher data... we used ZIP Drives and replacable hard drives...

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