Fun Fact: The musical scores for The Shining and Tron were both composed by an openly transgender woman.

Her name is Wendy Carlos. She was a pioneer in electronic music. She also composed the score for A Clockwork Orange but she was stealth at the time.

She also helped develop the Moog synthesizer.

@bunny_jane Her first album was huge. I’m embarrassed to have never listened to it. 😖

@bunny_jane huh i knew about wendy carlos but didn't know she was trans And she did a collaboration with Weird Al, Peter & The Wolf Carnival of the Animals Part II. Which sadly has been allowed to go ot of print (it seems to be a love it or hate it album, and the execs apparently hate it) . It's a comical adaptation of Prokofiev's Peter & The Wolf and Camille Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals. With dramatic reading by Weird Al and the music done by Wendy Carlos. And checking on the Fount of All Knowledge it got nominated for a Grammy for Best Album For Children after its release in 88 (I didn't discover it until the early 00s and completely missed who Al was doing it with when I bought it)

@bunny_jane I've never actually seen The Shining but it's one I'm planning to actually sit down and watch in 2021. No idea WCW did the soundtrack. Awesome!

@nakedambition @bunny_jane Glad to see I’m not the only one who occasionally mixes up Wendy Carlos’s and William Carlos Williams’s names :ms_robot_pats_alt:

@bunny_jane The score for the Shining ended up being mostly song score, but she did perform "dies irae". I'm trying to remember which were her other bits:

(Kubrick was notorious for taking compositions from still-alive composers without permission, like what happened with 2001 and Ligeti. did you know Jerry Goldsmith had an original score for that film? You can find it online. Anyways..)

Wendy was the one that really exposed electronic music to the general public by performing classical music on moog synthesizers, with her most famous work being "Switch on Bach". I think making that connection helped people realize that hey electronic devices can be used to make music. We take it for granted now, but it was a *very* hard thing at the time to get across to people.

She also collaborated with WEIRD AL to do a rendition of Peter and the Wolf! You can listen to it online:

@paul @bunny_jane The only other bit that I think made it into the finished film is the ambient pads that play over Jack driving back to the hotel with his family.

That and the music from the original trailer (which for some reason is also in the trailer for the movie 2012)

@bunny_jane I have a digitized version of the original vinyl release of the Clockwork Orange score that AFIK is not available in digital format.

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