We overheard a prop guy explaining to someone that all the brands in the period drama are fake, because it would be too expensive/complicated to license real brands.

Turns out the victorian period film set we walked through yesterday was for an HBO mini series called "The Guilded Age."

So, all the shops on period drama's set were actual stores who agreed to let the production's prop and set people make their storefronts look like they were from 1890s Manhattan.

We stopped into one store and they were selling antiques. We bought this amazing hand drill! It works perfectly for something that's probably a hundred years old.

Btw the store owner said the production didn't use any of her antiques for props, because the antiques look antique and the props have to look like new.

Someone was like "are you into antique tools?" And Larc was like "nah I'm just tired of charging my drill!"

@bunny_jane Yeah it's why they'll *mention* brands by name, but never show any logos or anything.

@bunny_jane I imagine all that's long been taken care of, but wouldn't it be fun to be an extra in something like that.. ^_^

@porsupah it would have been a blast. I love frilly victorian clothing! Maybe i could have brought a friend or partner and then we could have pretended to be two wlw in a "Boston Marriage" as they used to say.

@bunny_jane @porsupah honestly when I bumped into the production, I was like... hey, maybe they need an extra, but... purple hair

@RC @porsupah Oh gosh right. I couldn't be an extra because I wouldn't be able to wear my modern glasses on set, and I'm blind without them.

Ah well, I'm sure they had more than enough extras. Troy hosts that Victorian Stroll every year, so there's probably lots of people with their own costumes ready to go.

@RC @bunny_jane Ah, just a good reason for a nice hat. ^_^

(I wonder when unnatural hair colorings gained traction in Europe? I'm guessing it's maybe the 1960s, but I'd be tickled to find earlier records!)

@bunny_jane oh hey I remember my dad having one of those around when I was a kid, I think it looked exactly the same or very similar

@behold3r my grampa had one too. They're great I love them. I also have an egg beater that works the same way.

@bunny_jane @behold3r Same here, found this or a nearly identical drill in an older relatives toolbox, worked great for drilling a bunch of pilot holes to mount stuff!

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