Accidentally showed up to a ramen lunch date in the warehouse district an hour early so now I'm hanging out at a nearby abandoned building that used to be a pub before the pandemic. 🐜

The burned out globe in the middle is a little on the nose. 🐜

Trans Shitposting, eggs, food 

"Yeah can I get uhhhh one Ranma Half Caff Latte and a uhh I Wish I Were Trans Impossible Burger with extra pickles and an LGBT wrap to go thanks! No wait on second thought can I get a Chickened Out Thigh High sandwich instead of the burger? Thanks! Still with extra pickles yeah."

Trans Shitposting, eggs, food 

@bunny_jane "Can I get a chili dog, extra soft and a titty skittle smoothie?

re: Trans Shitposting, eggs, food 

@bunny_jane I'll take the estraprotsterone scramble please :blobyum:

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