This is an actively used railway. This is what we could take to work, shop, and hangout instead of miles of asphalt. Human technology and nature can co-exist if we fight for it, and if we're willing to let go of failed projects like the highway system.

@shoofle It's a 5km (3.1 mile) stretch of railway in northwest Ukraine called "The Tunnel Of Love."

@shoofle AFAIK it's used mostly for freight but there's plenty of other examples of grassy trams and trains which carry people.

@bunny_jane The magic of railways... thats the point, why i love it!

@bunny_jane I love it's esthetics. Still, it would be better with a contact wire, so some of the green would have to be cut.

@p_snft @bunny_jane probably not even that much when using overhead conducting rails with a bit of insulation around it instead of catenary

@bunny_jane For some time I have been dreaming of Berlin looking this way. Instead of cars and asphalt, have all streets lined with tracks for slow tram-style trains which come by very often and are slow enough to just hop onto them when you need a ride (for free of course!). And with greens growing everywhere.

@stsp @bunny_jane it looks gorgeous but I'm very concerned about my allergies :blobcatsipsweats:

@Polychrome @bunny_jane As a fellow pollen allergy sufferer I can see the problem very much. But I would have high hopes for people growing up in such an environment who come after us.

I grew up in Berlin and at some point in my life I had to have lung surgery (spontaneous pneumothorax, not fun). What I learned then is that photos my inner lungs show a lot of black parts that should not be black. I asked the doc whether this was due to smoking when I was younger, and he responded that because I grew up in a large city the most likely cause of this is ... cars 🚗​🚗​🚗​🚗​🚗​🚗​🚗​🚗​🚗​

@stsp @bunny_jane I'm really glad that we're switching to EV in the long run.

Hey @SheDrivesMobility if we had this in Germany, surely everyone would be using trains!

@bunny_jane Only not quite to this extent in most cases, since we'd need clear space above the train or a third rail for electric

@LunaDragofelis !

Wow, that mid-90s train looks roughly equivalent to BART's /new/ trains, in the process of being rolled out.

BART's old trains must be oooooold.

@sirlan_ff00ff @bunny_jane this solves a lot of the problems I mentioned in the other thread - padding to protect the rails from plants, overhead wires and the only upkeep the plants need is done with a simple lawnmower.

I love it!

Also we have something like this in Linz. The beauty doesn't wear off, even if you see it often. It's just so much better than asphalt in every way.

@sirlan_ff00ff @bunny_jane

Sorry to bring sad news.
Railway on grass is possible, but not modern tramways.
Their is a concrete platform, under 15cm of soil with grass that require a lot of water.
Neat vibe, but not really ecological.

@bunny_jane in 2022 all lines should be electric. there is really no reason to run trains on fossils any more!

@bunny_jane beautyful … I‘ld like this with growing vine or similar berries …

@bunny_jane this would be incredibly expensive in upkeep. Plants like to bend tracks, and trains don't take that well. Look at how curvy the tracks are even in this picture. Must be a very unpleasant ride, and very slow as to not derail.

Also, notice how there's no overhead wires. This fucker runs on diesel. Green my ass. This is a publicity stunt and nothing more.

@bunny_jane not to mention you need to cut the trees all the time, or redo the protective paint on the trams every time they drive through.

@Riedler @bunny_jane

It's probably a freight line. Some countries, like the UK, haven't bothered putting in electrical infrastructure and, indeed, shut a bunch of their lines in the 1960s. A slowish, diesel service down a formerly dead branch line would still be better than a load of private cars.

@celesteh @bunny_jane oh, absolutely. I just wanted to make clear that this is not something you should want for e.g. city tram lines.


You could do something that would give a similar effect without being a big pain to look after. Use plants that are slow growing, maybe use climbers over man made structures? Stuff without invasive roots. Mount rails on larger foundations, less prone to move &/or make the tracks easy to adjust

> This fucker runs on diesel
Could be a wood powered steam engine? 😉
> Green my ass. This is a publicity stunt and nothing more.
Were they trying to imply it is eco? @celesteh @bunny_jane

@bunny_jane That concept would also work for the one or other bicycle "highway" here... 😁

@bunny_jane There's a lot of public transit discourse on Birdsite, and it all seems very metropolitan and city-centric. Nobody ever really stops to consider how public transit would work in deep rural areas like mine. The answer indeed is trains. We wouldn't even need high-speed rail for all of it.

I live deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where the nearest anything is easily a 15-minute drive away. I live within a mile or two of the Great Smoky Mountain Railway lines, and I can count on one hand how many times I see or hear the GSMR engines roll by in a year. If we had good rail infrastructure, I wouldn't have had to rope myself into spending half my paycheck on a car. I could simply ride the train to the next town over for my job, or when I need groceries, or just wanna visit friends.

The only people who ever ride the train in my area nowadays are tourists, and the train doesn't even pass through one of the most notable historical stations anymore, and hasn't for years.

Bee tea dubs, I love that photo; it gives off some serious Fey vibes, and I am here for it.

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