Selfie, eye contact, cleavage showing 

I'm happy with this look. The eyeshadow is super sparkly too btw. I just love sparkles in general.

Innocent smut 

Okay so our child is really into Spore. They were so proud to show me their latest creation. "Isn't it great how I put two friends together?"

Game dev, link to devlog on itch 

Hello friends! I posted up our first devlog on our Beta page on itch. It shows how we began making Princess Farmer. I hope to post on the devlog regularly, if folks are interested. There is some great art by @SuperCee in there. Please check it out!

Non binary kid 

Our 8yo says he's still "snuggling in to" being a "they" and not ready for an official switch in language yet. That's a pretty powerful way to say "warming up to" and I'm gonna switch to it immediately.

Selfie, eye contact, cleavage 

Did a new thing with using eyeshadow as a blended out eyeliner and I like it! The purple makes my eyes look bluer.

Cat and dog, no eye contact 

These two are just the cutest. For reference, Gema the cat is I think 12 years old and Diamond the dog is 11 months.

Cleavage, eye contact 

Hi there, I got a good look going on right now. Um hot MILF drunk on one glass of pear cider maybe? It's a travesty that the camera doesn't show the sparkles on my skin. Just know that they are there, sparkling at you.

Pupper, eye contact, very cute 

Diamond leapt behind my Mum when she sat down. Either he doesn't realize how big he is or he has claimed that chair for himself now.

Puppy, tummy, eye contact 

Even puppies like to rest their heads on soft tummies.

Selfie, outfit, no eye contact 

This is a v good look.

Selfie, no eye contact but lots of boob (no nipple tho) 

Well hello there. (Cis dudes please don't interact.)

My avatar is so pretty. Thank you @SuperCee ! I'm so sparkleeeeeee!!!

Question: is it a gay thing to have a million chat groups that have 2-5 of the same people?

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