i feel bad and i sorta know why but i don't really get why i have to feel bad about it... feelings are difficult

totally didn't redraft like... 3 times because i forgot cw, image description and :boost_ok:

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selfie, ec, semi-lewd as in you will see my tummy and underwear :boost_ok: 

i found this sweater at the back of my closet and heck it's cute

ADHD, or as i like to call it, Conditional Object Permanence

Hot take: relationships were never meant to be extremely rigid or monogamous kiss your friends

ace confusion 

i guess i'm just really not okay with lewd stuff sometimes. it feels very wrong right now to not feel okay with it. i think i just need some time. maybe i'm gray ace / sex repulsed sometimes?

selfie, ec, may contain blåhaj :boost_ok: 

their name is banana

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selfie, ec, may contain blåhaj :boost_ok: 

update: i have acquired blåhaj

i feel like i never had a childhood. like that was taken away from me. i had to be a mindless zombie who didn't care about anything for the first 16 or so years of my life... why

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i don't like being big.... i don't want to get a job. i just want to get to be a kid... and i feel like i get farther away from that every day and it feels bad.

adhd + autism mood: sensory overloaded, but the thought of being unoccupied sounds even worse

mh mention, conflicted about lewd 

i should make a lewd account, having lewd things on my tl all the time is really not improving my mental health. i unfollowed some people because of this, will follow you again on my lewd acc if i ever make one. when i feel lewd myself, it's all okay. but all the other 95% of the time i just feel bad about it... i just wanna be wholesome

gosh i'm very gay and everyone is so cute and aaaaa hfhnhysyscsy

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