my gf designed this really cool clicky switch orb, and like heck i'm so excited about it i wanna share! it's a stimtoy/fidgettoy and all the buttons are any cherry mx sized switch, i put kailh box navy switches on all of these, and the keycaps are dsa profile which are the same shape on each side so they look neat on the orb/cube! it's really fun to roll around in your hand :p

@cuddles oh my god that looks so satisfying to just roll around on a desk or something as it goes all clickityclickityclickity

@cuddles this is very much something that'd sell very well on etsy by way of I'm Going To Buy A Million

@equals_w_equals it's an anne pro 2 with 3 seperate blank keycap sets combined into one

@Dayglochainsaw she's gonna sell them on etsy (switches and keycaps are still shipping so it might take a bit)

@cuddles Oh my gosh I so want one. 😊 How would one start going about building one? 🙂

@MadestMadness she's gonna set up an etsy store where you can buy just the orb and then you can add your own switches/keycaps or you can buy the whole thing. and i'm trying to find the stl file if you have a 3d printer so you can print the ball yourself.

@kel_the_purple eventually you will be able to buy one from her etsy store but the parts are still shipping

@cuddles will you share the STL for this? :o

Also ahhh I wanna focus on the ball but that PAW ESC KEY :blobcatsurprised:

@polychrome the thingiverse page for it seems to be broken :c (something went wrong while uploading so i think that's why it doesn't work) i asked her if she can share the stl

also the paw key has soft toebeans :3

@cuddles the smol one! the paw key! Everything is so cool!

@cuddles now make it a chorded keyboard and feel like a magician by controlling the computer with an orb :D

@lanodan that's going to be challenging, the inside is quite small and you would have to chuck in an arduino halfway through printing because it won't fit through one of the holes and then you have to somehow solder all the switches to it

@cuddles shouldn't something like the teensy (which is used in a lot of custom keyboards) fit in it?
But yeah would be a challenge.

@enbyss you will be able to buy one eventually, or print one if you have a 3d printer

@cuddles ... now I want to print this in transparent PLA, and add a microcontroller, an accelerometer, some LEDs and a battery cell inside. Then every movement and click shall subtly change the LED animation.

Dangit, that's going to be a challenge to fit all that in there...

@anathem the ones with white keycaps are printed in translucent filament :)

it's not very big inside so that will be hard

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