When tech people be like:
"When is was {11±5} years old my parents gave me {hardware that is worth several hundred dollars}, and that sparked my interest in {...}."

Do they realize how fucking privileged they were?

Hot take and ranting about incels. Caps. Kinda angry at the reader. 

Stop putting love interest and intimate relationships in EVERY FUCKING story.
Just show people who are happy without a partner.
If you keep pushing the idea that only social outcasts don't have a partner, guess what? People who don't have a partner will think of themselves as social outcasts.

Kinda crazy that crude oil is so damn dense in energy that you can afford to waste lots of energy to refine it, crack it into other hydro carbons and then not even use it in a highly effective industrial engine to power a turbine, but put it in cars that waste most of the energy.

Fuck cars and fuck oil companies, but you have to admit that petro chemistry is fascinating.

Like an insult to these highly valueable and non renewable substances to be wasted on a dumb thing like "car go wroom".

There are many fake SSDs for sale online.

I wonder if it's a bad idea to buy obvious fake products just to demand your money back later in an attempt to harm these scammers and get them banned from the platforms.

Plugging phones in work PCs is a security risk.

So your employer should give all employees charging cables that can only charge without any data connections.

Quick reminder: "doing X wrong is bad, therefore X is bad" is a bad argument.
There are good things to do with machine learning, idiots being idiots while using ML does not change that.

It feels like some shops/restaurants are really terrible to be at for new customers.

Stupid rules like "you pick from this list, and if it's one of these, then you can pick extra stuff you want with it, but some of these cost extra."

Different place you are supposed to be for ordering, paying, waiting and getting things.

non descriptive names, because that's the official name. I don't speak Italian, just tell me what kind of sauce this is.

Ranting, yes I'm overreacting 

There is a very bad kind of incompetence that leaves you not mad at their incompetence, but at the fact that they even tried.
You just have to be an lazy asshole to just not do anything at all, but they are worse by even trying.

heres ur reminder to drink water, take ur meds, and check up on ur plushies to see if they need anything :dragnplush:

Had a weird idea:
A standard for data structures. So if you use an ISO-tree, it has a standardized set of methods, no more no less, and all operations have a standardized runtime.
So every algorithm using that data structure will work in every language that has those ISO-trees.

So deliberately limiting yourself to avoid using hacks and tricks and features that aren't available in all languages.

WLAN-Namen - die Spielwiese für alle, die sich keinen eigenen Friseursalon leisten können 😎

As a professional programmer, you can't just copy paste all the stuff you found somewhere else.
Sometimes you have to replace non-breaking spaces first.

Verkehr, bzgl. schnell fahren macht Spaß 

Von allen Element der Menge "Spaß haben auf öffentlichem Gelände" ist "schnell fahren mit Kraftfahrzeugen " bemerkenswert gefährlich und flächenineffizient.
In Bus und Bahn ist "weil es Spaß macht" keine Ausrede ein Arschloch zu sein, aber im motorisierten Individual-Verkehr ist es irgendwie akzeptiert.
Fortbewegung muss keinen Spaß machen.


Back in my days the http request sender and the HTML viewer were two different programs. You made a request and the respond was saved on a floppy disk. The next day you would go through the downloaded pages and look for the next link you want to follow.

This would be a lot easier to find a solution on-shelf if we hadn't been shepherded into this mentality that if I can't plus a device in, open an app, and it Just Work, it's garbage. Because that workflow requires, typically, an external source of truth and orchestration and with that comes monetization and lock-in.
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