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hrrrrrrrng colonel i'm trying to sneak around but my big witch hat keeps alerting the guards

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sona art thread:

ref sheet by the amazing zwiebelprinz on birdsite! i love how it turned out :3

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(for this instance)

hi, i'm claire! i'm a trans lesbian purple cat witch from the east coast usa

my main interests are computers & technology as well as retro video games, though I'm also a fan of many other things

feel free to meow at me or message me here or on other platforms (see bio), and don't be afraid to send a follow request

also part of a median system with 2 other facets (see reply below)

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hiii, nyaa~

i used to be but that instance has been having issues for a while so i'm checking this place out

seems nice and soft :3


money lined up poorly this month and i just got overdrafted for a bunch. i could use ~$150 to remedy it.$internetFionna

oh would you look at that, i'm developing an interest in ISO specifications and applying it to worldbuilding

Alright, it's done. Big Bad Game-a-thon 2022 just opened for submissions.

We're primarily a weird/jank/kusoge speedrun event, but we also accept showcase content and even sometimes good games; gasp :P

We're running Sept 16 thru Sept 18 and I definitely like seeing new faces throw in submissions.

Signups are here:

And you can see former events to get an idea of how we do here:

Back when I was last asking for less-violent SFF novels here and on Twitter, I got a suggestion for a magazine that was then only in the works: Tales & Feathers

I’m not a writer, but I know a bunch of y’all are, and they’ve started taking submissions:

“Tales and Feathers is a home for cozy slice-of-life fantasy short stories.”

More details here:

My dudes i grew up on forums, you know what the first thing i learned was? Anything good, you make a local backup of. Don’t trust any cloud, no matter how permissive their promises are. Web tech is always jank and prone to failure.

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