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sona art thread:

ref sheet by the amazing zwiebelprinz on birdsite! i love how it turned out :3

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(for this instance)

hi, i'm claire! i'm a trans lesbian purple cat witch from the east coast usa

my main interests are computers & technology as well as retro video games, though I'm also a fan of many other things

feel free to meow at me or message me here or on other platforms (see bio), and don't be afraid to send a follow request

also part of a median system with 2 other facets (see reply below)

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hiii, nyaa~

i used to be but that instance has been having issues for a while so i'm checking this place out

seems nice and soft :3

Twitch casual stream 

Hey, who doesn't love riding around on dragons and shooting lasers? I sure do. :D

I'm back with my Panzer Dragoon retrospective! I beat the original, so I'm moving on to Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

This time we've got a shapeshifting dragon! I am excite. :D

twitch casual stream 

going live with the continuation of gleylancer! hoping to finish the game

... potions of plush transformation, or 'soff drinks' as they are known in the trade ...

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