Fucked up that sunday is a day off for most when the sun fucking sucks

Even more fucked up that moonday had an o stolen and is the start of the work week when the moon fucking rules

i would kiss a shark on the snoot, i think she would deserve to know i care about her

I pass the Harkness test because I'm always talking about girls

Or food

Or music

Hey jsyk there’s an ongoing psyop going on on birdsite where people pretend to be white trans people saying racist shit twitter.com/Glitterbeard_/stat

It’s pretty obvious to spot that these accounts are fake if you look at some handles (cw for "hidden" racial slur in one of them) and their bio, but it’s so easy on Twitter to dunk on somebody saying stupid shit without taking a look at those

hey babe wake up, a new horror beyond our comprehension just dropped

New Vampire Survivor patch cleared, 100% again, it GOES places. Holy fuck that was fun though.

an emoji design accidentally grew on me

it's super off prompt for the commission so i can't use it, but
i am fond of this friend

commission me to make these and this power can be yoursssssssss

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but i thought communism was evil because china had a faimine?

curious: european welfare policies (exceedingly non urgent, :boost_ok: though!) 

studying for my weekly exams, doing geography
allegedly (from a textbook!) scandinavian countries seem to have really good? policies for social welfare services (more people fuel them with taxes than happen to be in need of their aid)
curious how helpful these have actually been for poor queer, BIPOC, minority in general ppl!


I wanna make rosti, who wants vee over to make them some?

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