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Instead of toots I will be making squeaks because 1) mouse, and 2) plushies squeak too

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'big sam' isn't a typo of 'big same' but rather shorthand for 'big samoyed'

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🎶Nose that sticks out🎶

🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶

Anti-otherkin arseholes 

stream, speedrunning 

People with M-F 9-to-5s stop assuming your service/retail friends have the same days off 2020 Challenge!!!

Lo is being wilfully obtuse about the existence of cis people 

furcons, nazifurs, privilege 

I had a weirdly sexually tense dream last night and like

I will never understand why my brain would ever include cishets in them

caps, repetition 

Martin Scorsese's case against superhero movies would be more convincing if he hadn't just released his 59th movie about gangster manpain

I really love the #FSF's idea to call the release of proprietary software under a free license after the end of its support to "#upcycle #software"

this gives a very meaningful connotation to an otherwise rather technical / legal issue and helps to make it understandable for non-experts. Also it is short and handy & works pefect for slogans. Great job! I will re-use it from now in further debates and argumentations.

And btw, sign the petition to #UpcycleWindows7:

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