The only reason I dont hit delete on this account too is because I have a shred of hope that I may come back someday

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Its a shame fedi is so hostile and full of abusive harassers covering for one another

Just going to boost that and thank you again @Anzeliane for the wonderful art

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Commission work for @deejvalen of her vaporean girl chilling near a pool offering you a nice glass of fresh water™ 👌🚰

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lewd, bdsm, nudity (tasteful, nothing shown) 

Holy shit lmao

Where is the lie?

lewd, d/s, mean 

This is a GOOD idea

I might do this

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NSFW furry art: nb/m anal sexing 

Commission for  What a sweet face, just wanna smoosh those cheeks.

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oh jeez homestuck quadrants are just a political compass arent they

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stay alert: scammers have been offering to pay you an hourly rate in exchange for you doing tasks for them -- this is a TRICK! They're paying you much less than you're making for them. do NOT fall for this!
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