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Tap water?

No, you misheard, I said "vap water."

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🎶Nose that sticks out🎶
🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶
🎶I'm booping your snoot🎶

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Hey pssst if ya wanna follow just

Talk a bit with vee first?

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No internet, just computers connected together locally

What do Hawaii, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Bolivia have in common? Imperial capitalists from the US collaborating w/ local far-right & wealthy elite to the detriment of the masses. Then mass global propaganda in media, movies, history books to airbrush the atrocities & 'make it stick'.

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nude selfie, costume 

Wasn't entirely sure about posting this one but people seemed to like the vibes a LOT when i passed it around privately 🖤 🐦‍⬛ ✨

hey hi I need gas money and I'm poor 💀 

Hi there!! Okay, so I'm like, $50 behind on where I need to be and I really need to get gas; I have enough to maybe make it to work tomorrow, but after that I'm kinda screwed since I don't get paid until the end of next week. 💀

Any little bit helps!! if you send money, make sure to include your handle or what have you in the note so I can send a thank you message!

CashApp: $wondeerful
uhh that's all I got, sorry!! okay thank you!!

synthetics deserve a little snuggle and a full charging cycle tbh 🥺

hey yall i'm open for commissions!! husband is still looking for work, and I need to make $300 in October to pay the bills i'm responsible for

Avatars/Icons - $30
Full body, minimal background- $60
Full body, detailed background - $120

recent avatars:

recent art:

Renaissance painter tip: add two arrows to your horniest twink art and now it's a religious portrait of st sebastian, suitable for hanging in a church or apostolic palace

*puts on a white lab coat* i know it sounds like the state is in pain but it's vital to the experiment that you continue the revolution

lewd shitpost 

Arriving in the UK like this but replace "combat" with:

"plowing a femboy and making him a blithering cockcaged boywife who's ruined on cis dick due to my massive girlcock"

Look if you're thirsty,

I can get you some vap water

You only need ask

Tip for fedi thirst: you should wear the animal ears!
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