Zandra's streaming X6

Shouldn't this be in Kusogrande?

@deejvalen I feel bad for her. Even with the ultimate armor she's going to have a bad time


@Yza @deejvalen Watching what she's been doing, some of the stages might wind up being tricky but the ultimate armor REALLY seems to absolutely destroy bosses so I think she'll be fine*. :)

*As fine as you can be while playing X6

re: X6 

@Yza @deejvalen is it bad that I'm considering playing through it with the ultimate armor to see how much better it is

(and yes, I did say "I'm never touching this game again")

re: X6 

@karma @deejvalen I'd watch that.

And yeah I'm sure that armor will help a lot, but I also know Zandra gets upset when she feels a game is treating her unfairly and I don't think ultimate armor will prevent that. Here's hoping though

re: X6 

@Yza @karma Games are only STARTING to have accessibility and anti frustration measures in place

they're long overdue

@deejvalen Of its myriad sins, by far the most deadly of them is the stage design. Not a single one is of a sane length, or contains a gimmick that isn't really unfun and drawn out way too long.

@Facet @deejvalen it's fine though, because they have a stage with bootleg Final Countdown as its theme

@shaderphantom @deejvalen That water flea's mixtape is the only thing keeping that place afloat.

No thanks to the giant background robot that just bombards you with lasers constantly.

@deejvalen Though, very easily the worst part of the experience is the bosses of the final stages.

Especially "That One"

@Facet @deejvalen this is absolutely the feeling I got watching Karma play. There were good ideas, but made hellish by awful game design. some areas were unfathomably long, while other stages ended shockingly early. There is no sense of a diffiulty curve, just constant spiks and valleys

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