Proving a point...

Which Megaman X game of these two is the worst?

X5 has some poor design but nothing comes close to the Nightmare systen and the fact you need rank for parts which can be lost if a reploid is infected by the nightmares

Also spike hell

@deejvalen X6 by a long shot, but X5 still isn't very good. It's like a C- vs an F.

@Facet It was meant to be the end of the series hence all the throwbacks

But with design like having to do Whale stage twice for the armor? Ugh.

Still not as bad as X6 though.

@deejvalen X5 is a really tangible step down in production quality from 4. Animations are way more minimal, cutscenes are all stills and text, so much more padding for an overload of powerups.

And the laser/shuttle thing is completely pointless to have as a gameplay mechanic, especially a pure RNG one.

@Facet @deejvalen I've not seen X5, but watching Karma play X6 i was amazed by how poor some of the animations were. It's sad to see a series in decay like that

@Yza @deejvalen Yeah, 6 is a big step down from 5, which was a step down from 4. It's almost sad to watch.

@Yza @deejvalen X5 is still fine, the endgame is silly and there are too many items to hunt for, but it's playable. 6 is a struggle.

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